Alcohol — good or bad gift?

When Finn presents as a gift the alcohol, he thereby gives his friendship, communication and complicity. Thus, the bottle of alcohol is not only a beverage, it has also a symbolic meaning. So says researcher, University of Turku Antti Maun (Antti Maunu), listing the most important features of Finnish culture alcohol.

The Mauna explores the problems of alcohol consumption since 2002, he has participated in projects dedicated to the prevention of alcohol and drug addiction. Antti Maun deals with the history of alcohol consumption in Finland, especially emotional manifestations associated with alcohol use. His thesis is devoted to the get-togethers in Finnish Nightclubs.

“Abstinence from alcohol is a complex issue in cultural terms, because the alcohol symbolizes communication. If you refuse alcohol, then give up the communication,” — says Mauno.

“It’s the same thing if you said, “I don’t want to communicate with you”.

According to Mauno and refusal of alcohol mixed with and demonstration of leadership. Some believe that people who refuse to drink, consider themselves better than others because he doesn’t want to drink with them.

The relationship of alcohol and socialising is very strong, since alcohol is an effective and affordable way of expressing friendly feelings. The symbolism of the expression of the friendly feelings many times stronger, if presented with a bottle drank together.

Therefore, offering alcohol and abandoning him, you have to be tactful.

“Giving the gift or the host can say: “do you Want to drink, or something else?” — gives advice Mauno.

Spirits gave way to dry and easy

“If you were of working age in the 1980-ies, your Manager may put you in the Christmas package and on Midsummer day a bottle of vodka. The awarding of alcohol as a gift and to this day is popular among Finns, but in recent decades has changed. Finns prefer hard liquor over light,” — said the head of the press service of the company Alko Master of Wine the Mystery of Vilkun (Taina Vilkuna).

“At the end of 1980-ies and 1990-ies many firms have purchased as gifts cognac and other spirits. In particular this applies to gifts for men,” says the Vilkun.

The vilkun engaged in the culture of alcohol use in Finland already for almost 30 years. Now many people ask for specific assistance in choosing a gift and want to take into account the tastes and priorities in life. Statistics in respect of gifts with no alcohol, but according to Vilkuna, shops Helsinki selling alcohol as a gift is very active.

However, the Department store Alko Prisma Kajaani significantly reduced the purchase of alcohol for gifts. This tells the head of customer service Antti Salomaa (Antti Salomaa).

“Maybe this is due to a change of attitude. Corporate parties before Christmas now, consume much less alcohol,” says Salomaa.

Unpleasant or the right gift?

Alcohol can be a common gift, but on its appropriateness, there are different opinions.

According to the nurses drug treatment clinic in Kainuu kinnula of Susanna (Susanna Kinnula), buying alcohol as a gift, it is necessary to be aware of whom you are giving it. The bottle is a dubious gift for families in which there is an alcoholic.

However, Kinnula not met with such cases, when suffering from alcoholism and stop drinking alcohol have been tempted because of the donated bottles. People who want to drink more often adamant in his decision and find the strength to refuse an inappropriate gift.

“This is because loved ones know about their situation,” says Kinnula.

We conducted a survey about whether alcohol is a good gift and received 399 responses and explanations of their views. Many of the answers it becomes clear that the appropriateness of the gift depends on the situation as a whole should be.

Interestingly, a significant part of the respondents has a clear position. Approximately 34% believed that alcohol is a very nice gift, 25% had a different opinion. 41% can’t accept any one point of view. Many in their responses, thinking about what problems can be caused by alcohol.

Based on the survey it can be concluded that most of the pleasure given and received alcohol as a gift.

Many studies have expressed concern that it is impossible to know whether receiving a gift or have family members with a drinking problem. Many pointed out that alcohol is a good gift for friends, not unknown people.

“A good gift, if you’re familiar with those who give to him, you know his preferences and what he can stop. A bad gift unless you know the recipient. One bottle can lead to disaster”.

Especially lovers will be happy with a bottle of whiskey, wine or beer. A gift to enjoy with friends.

Some surprising tradition of firms to give employees intoxicating drinks.

“I don’t drink hard alcohol, only wine and beer. I wonder why on the 50th anniversary gave me the bottle of cheap brandy?!? If the chief is drinking hard alcohol, why men must also love him?”

Some of the respondents did not want to give unnecessary knickknacks. Therefore, the joint feast is considered a good gift.

“I know that this gift is not abandoned in the corner, and not have forced to flaunt, as it happens with silly mementos and trinkets. Alcohol is a good practical gift, and the Finns know it’s not cheap.”

Of the respondents associate alcohol received as a gift, with respect and a pleasant believes that with the alcohol they have experience.

“It is a pleasure and impressions. Remains in memory and is well kept. Great choice from beer to whiskey, for example. You can easily choose in accordance with the character of the one who is present”.

Received as a gift product of many years of the art of wine that can be enjoyed in good company or reading a book is a sign of respect to the giver.

Those who believe alcohol is a bad gift, criticize it as causing intoxication. Also criticized the widespread notion that all drink alcohol.

“In Finland there is a misconception that everyone drinks at least a little, but this is not true. I think the alcohol as a gift you can give to man in special circumstances, in other cases it is better not to do.”

Tobacco products also do not give.