Trump is Sunday for moderate Muslims

Trump means Sunday for moderate Muslims and the end for Saudi Arabia and ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.). If it is not to be shot by a sniper from Saudi Arabia or the family of Clinton. If you put aside what the media write in disarray and purchased media, if you read the story at least the last 20 years, we will cease to protest against trump. If you use facts and reason, to discard bloated feeling, which is based on incorrect facts, it is easy to understand that 2+2=4.

It is necessary to remember the cold war and the invasion of Russia (Soviet Union) in Afghanistan. Prior to the invasion the country was a monarchy, the king was Mohammed Zahir Shah, the man is very secular. That’s when it women received the opportunity to vote. Afghanistan was the first country in Asia where women gained the right to participate in elections and could be elected to Parliament. There was no hijab, no burqa. Women had many rights in the field of education, and in marriage. Mohammad Zahir Shah ruled the country for 30 years. After him, the king was his son, and he continued to follow the same secular form of government as the father. Thanks to a good education, many books and Newspapers began to gain popularity, the socialists, and in 1972 came to power the people’s democratic party of Afghanistan, and they were Stalinists. Totalitarian dictatorial regime killed many thousands. People began to protest, and the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan to help the incumbent party.

The totalitarian Communist party and the supporters of Russia. It was during the cold war. The United States supported the Mujahideen, which later split in two. One of them founded the Taliban (a movement banned in Russia — approx. ed.). USA arming the Taliban, and the monetary support it has provided Saudi Arabia. They seized power, and the Islam they practice is the same as in Saudi Arabia, with Sharia courts and the compulsory wearing of the burqa. Since that time, Saudi Arabia is thriving with the help of the US and the West because Saudi Arabia has oil, military bases, lots of money, because it has good relations with Israel. We see that in Israel, ISIS never does anything.

But Saudi Arabia has had its rivals, such as Iraq. During Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was a secular state. Women did not wear any hijab nor the burqa, they can work, get an education, etc. On photographs taken in Iraq under Saddam and Saddam, we see women with uncovered heads. Even in the photos the 1960-ies there is not a single woman in hijab. I do not support Saddam. But he led the country in a secular direction. The US attacked Iraq with the support of the West under false pretenses, and Saddam’s regime fell. Iraq has become a country where there is no state, but there is a power struggle between Saudi Arabia and Iran’s Khomeini. Women are forced to walk in a hijab and a burqa, and their life is governed by Sharia either from Iran or from Saudi Arabia. Iraq ceased to be a secular state, it’s rooted in conservative Islam.

The next was to be Libya, which under Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, which tried to merge Marxism with Islam, and Marxism prevailed. Women can do what they want. So Libya, with its resorts, oil, mass of pure gold in the banks, a leader who maneuvered between Russia and the West, posed a threat. The US and the West removed Gaddafi, his secular state came to an end. And a lot of women become the same, that is the lot of women in Saudi Arabia.

The next target was Syria. Assad and his father were and are secular. The wife of President Assad does not wear hijab, she fights for women’s organizations. And Assad is a threat to Israel. Therefore it should be removed with the help of ISIS. Saudi Arabia supports DAISH/ISIS with money and weapons. They are fighting for Saudi Arabia. In areas which are under the control of ISIS and “rebels” are worse than ISIS and get support from the West. There practiced the Sharia, the women went back to the black veil. In Yemen the same. Yes, and in Africa return to the same.

In the last 20 years have seen the emergence of Taliban, Boko Haram and ISIS. Hassan Nasrallah and other supports Saudi Arabia — money and arms they buy from the West and the United States. (Hillary banned the FBI and CIA to name Boko Haram a terrorist group even after the abduction of 300 Schoolgirls).

In Yemen, Norway supports the war being waged by Saudi Arabia. Due to the intervention of the Norwegian media about the violence and war in Yemen write a little. This means that for two periods of the Bush presidency and the two periods of the Obama presidency Wahhabism is only growing stronger, and secular States became less. The citizens of these countries who are educated or have money, moved to the United States and the West and settled there. These countries have lost two things: secularism and brains. They’re those who can think and resist. This means that in the last 20 years of conservative Islam (Wahhabis), the supporters of Saudi Arabia’s got the power over the whole Middle East. If the secular Muslims are not blinded to the lies the media, they could understand what trump meant the resurrection of a secular Islam.

From the first days after the nomination trump his candidacy for President, we see that the media write about him only negatively, there is no one exposing Hillary, which has the longest criminal record in American history. Because of Saudi Arabia need the family of Clinton or his ilk to continue to grow and to raise the Wahhabi flag over the whole Middle East. When was done all of the above war, neither the West nor the United States cared about women’s rights, because we see that the situation of women in all these areas has become worse. Important oil and the arms trade. When the bombing of those countries, talking about women’s rights and democracy, but in fact no one of them thinks. I hope that Norwegian feminists and secular Muslims around the world will remember history for at least the last 20 years and realize that if trump remains alive, it will mean the end of ISIL and the government of Saudi Arabia. And the lives of women in these countries will become better. Trump close to the people, he speaks, says what he thinks, and the only politician who does what’s promised. I consider trump as the hope of the resurrection to secularism.