Duma (Bulgaria): with the scent of America

At the time, was a joke, which stated that Tusd Bai (Todor Zhivkov) concluded one of his speeches with the words: “long live international position on all the earth balls!” Alas, his wish did not come true. The international situation is not luck. The reason for this is not have to search long. The civilized world has long brought it to the surface — even 500 years ago. And called it “Russia”. And never abandoned this fiction.

For her there is a reason. A country with a vast territory should disappear, and its natural resources should be divided among “recognized holders” progress of the Anglo-Saxon world. All the other babies because of the current situation, temporarily called “allies” — can be used as tools to achieve the goal. They were more accommodating, we need to include them in the various unions, associations and other associations, and when necessary, they can be deleted. A hundred years ago, the notorious British philosopher and geopolitician sir Halford John Mackinder wrote that it is a “historical and economic competition, and the prize in this game — Russia”. Told honestly and frankly cynical. And he’s not alone. Until now his theoretical works have followers in the prestigious Western research and “think tanks” centers.

Based on new military doctrines of “deterrence” and “aid programme” for partners with underdeveloped democracy. Such documents are printed with admirable zeal. A few days ago, the United States Agency for international development (USAID) announced a special programme “dealing with the malicious influence of the Kremlin in Europe, Eurasia, and other regions”, ie, worldwide. The composition affects at least two things. First, with ingenuous openness opens for the first time the essence of the perennial activities of the Agency: in the world perhaps only one influence — American. Secondly, it gives instruction to all who contacted US i.e. signed up to the so-called Euro-Atlantic community.

Put a lot of problems, including a “decline in economic and energy vulnerability, which means a restriction based on partner countries of the US-Russian-controlled energy supplies.” The authors of the concept I forgot to attach a bottle of American liquefied natural gas. Thus, anyone who wants to lay pipe with “toxic” Russian gas and to build their own sites, would feel an irresistible aroma of freedom. “The increase in exports of liquefied natural gas in the U.S. is crucial for the distribution of free gas around the world, so the air would be cleaner everywhere,” said Deputy energy Minister mark Menezes three weeks ago. He was immediately supported by the assistant Secretary of state Stephen Weinberg: “This will allow the molecules of American freedom spread around the world.”

Okay? Masters need the whole world. However, international law prevents them. He would place, whether it is at least in brackets is defined as “American”. This right, on which depends the fate of the “international position on the earth’s spheres”, must not tie the hands and the ambition of the United States. Trump adviser for national security John Bolton said with a typically American cynicism: “It is a mistake to attach any importance to international law, even if it is in our short-term interests.” It is time to escape to the American Embassy. There should already handing out vials of “gas molecules of liberty”? Let Boyko [Borisov] take, will check and inform his people. He’s waiting for.