Damned soldiers and anti-Polish holiday of the Russians

Want to throw thunder and lightning: the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called the Polish Day of the damned soldiers (participants of anti-Soviet armed underground in Poland in 1940-1950s — approx. TRANS.) “dubious” and “anti-Russian” holiday. In her words, “damned soldiers” shot in the back of the soldiers of the red army, which fought heroically against the “brown plague”. At the same time it warned the us military that their participation in the Polish holiday can cast a shadow on the joint struggle of the Soviet Union and the United States against Nazism.


I remind the representative of the Russian diplomatic Agency that “brave” soldiers of the red army in September 1939, shot in the back of the poles who defended their homeland in 1940 by none other than the NKVD, was shot in the back of the head of Polish officers. The same “heroic” Red Army in August 1944, stood on the right Bank of the Vistula and calmly watched as the bleeding Warsaw. A spokesman for the Russian foreign Ministry also forgets that the new Yalta order in our part of Europe have established it was the Red army that “deigned” to leave Polish territory only in the 1990s. Damned soldiers who could not accept the fact that their country ended up in the arms of Stalin, was murdered in the dungeons of the Russians. The bodies were buried in secret under cover of night in unmarked graves, to forever bury the memory of these people.

The human memory sometimes fails, and, apparently, Maria Zakharova have forgotten that the era of Russian domination in Eastern and Central Europe came to an end, and the peoples of the region have the right to cultivate their own, not imposed on anyone from outside the memory. Like it or not. We can evaluate some of the historical facts, but it is the field of historians, not politicians.


The Russian tiger was annoyed with that to Poland and the Baltic States began to move in NATO troops. He is angry and doesn’t know how to change the situation, because the longing for a strong Russia that dictates its conditions to the rest of the world takes precedence over sanity. And in the Kremlin, perhaps lacks most of all… Suffice it to say that there are still perfectly remember that in 1610 the poles occupied Moscow, and every year November 4, the day of the liberation of the Kremlin by the Russians in a big way celebrating the Day of national unity. What is this if not anti-Polish holiday?