Security at the Eurovision song contest-2017: limitation on the sale of alcohol and reinforcements from all over Ukraine

Security measures at the Eurovision song contest-2017 will be unprecedented. According to GU NP of Kiev will be on duty not only police, but soldiers of the national guard, dogs, reinforcements will arrive from the regions of Ukraine. The events will involve about 10 thousand law enforcement officers! For comparison, during the major holidays will involve about 6 thousand Order offenses was less than in KCSA are going to restrict the sale of alcohol during the competition. We are talking about beer (except beer in plastic container), spirits and low alcohol beverages.

“Restrictions will be in place from 4 to 15 may in the area adjacent to the Village, and from 8 to 13 may in the area around IEC”, — said the mayor.

By the way, the police for foreigners has developed a booklet on security. Among the advice is always to have a passport to exchange currency use by banks only, to avoid deserted places, not to gamble.

“In case of danger, do not hesitate to make noise and scream,” the cops recommended. Will experience discomfort and drivers.

From 26 April to 18 may will be restrictions in the area of European Village on Khreschatyk. 1 to may 14 will be off the streets in the area of metro station “Livoberezhna”. And on the day “red carpet” — on the streets around the Mariinsky Park.