As the tramp adopts the strategy of Putin

According to the news report, the President of the United States Donald trump (Donald Trump), ordered the CIA to stop a secret arms supplies to the Syrian rebels. Concession to Russian President Putin?

This step shows that the President of the United States Donald trump in his Syrian strategy clearly departs from the policy of his predecessor, Barack Obama (Barack Obama). Washington now no longer seeks to overthrow the regime of President Bashar al-Assad (Baschar al-Assad). So trump wants to stop the supply of weapons to CIA’s Syrian resistance. Observers see this as significant concessions to Moscow, which ultimately means that Vladimir Putin has won in Syria.

“Trump has played in Syria is an important map”, says Israeli expert on Syria Maoz Moshe (Moshe Maoz) the failure of the rebels in the help of the CIA. Washington fell into the trap of Moscow, said Charles Lister (Charles Lister), member of the Institute of the Middle East: the United States thus weaken the moderate resistance in Syria and make it vulnerable. It is beneficial to Assad, Russia and Iran and Hezbollah, who are fighting for the Syrian regime.

The rebels particularly the free Syrian army remain, however, support non-governmental organizations of the countries of the Persian Gulf and can also count on medical help of Israel his wounded. But the balance of forces due to the termination of assistance of the CIA becomes generally unfavorable to the rebels, say observers in Beirut. Without massive military assistance to Russia, Assad presumably could not survive. In addition, the Syrian ruler has the support of Iran and Hezbollah.

During the four years Obama spent in the life of a CIA program to provide weapons and ammunition of the rebels who in Washington was considered moderate. The task of the rebels, which was prepared by the CIA to fight Assad and to eliminate it.

The Syrian strategy of trump, which very much coincides with the strategy of Moscow, was approved in April. It was first published by the Washington Post. In the past weeks in the US capital it was only that the fall of Assad is no longer a priority. Besides, now the US and Russia, along with Jordan came to an agreement about zones of the truce. The first is already installed in the southern provinces of Daraa, Quneitra, and Suwayda.

In Jerusalem is of great concern is the fact that American-the Russian-Jordanian agreement affects the area bordering Israel. The fact that the discussion of war and peace in the area, which is important for Israel, takes place without Israel’s participation and without taking into account its interests. It is “alarming”, said one senior officer. In addition, Jerusalem fears that Iranian troops or their Deputy will be deployed in the Syrian border area, which from the point of view of Israel is a major strategic threat.