What products will rise on Easter

Very soon, on April 16, Orthodox Ukrainians will celebrate Easter. “Today” has learned how to react on the feast of the prices of basic products and any “pitfalls” to expect from stores.

MEAT AND CO. Food experts forecast prices diverged. So, Director of the Ukrainian trade Association Igor kishko believes that Easter will not affect the cost of products in retail chains and large stores. He believes that when planning your budget on 16 April, the Ukrainians can safely rely on current prices.

“The only exception is markets and bazaars. There will be an increase, but to what extent is difficult to say,” added intestine.

However, the economist Oleksandr Okhrimenko said that without the price increase, such as meat, can not do. “Closer to the holiday rise in the price of pork — depending on its quality by 5-20 UAH and will cost 85-140 UAH per kilogram. Poultry meat will remain at the current level of price growth is mainly due to increased demand, and, for example, chicken Ukrainians for the holiday buying is not so actively”, — said the expert.

Note that the price of pork in stores today is around 80-120 UAH per kilo, and chicken — from 40 to 75 UAH.

In turn, the Director of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko believes that will not change the price for beef, the cost of which is now in large stores is 85-170 UAH per kg., He stressed: today, this type of meat it’s already peaked, and when it is increasing, demand will fall at all. Finally, Doroshenko believes that it will rise and the sausages with bacon.

FLOUR AND EGGS. Doroshenko adds that in the coming weeks don’t expect rising prices for flour — it is, according to him, stable in all periods. “If we talk about eggs, then the main engine will be the demand on the domestic market. The price will be until mid-April to increase steadily, and today it is possible to speak about increase of 10%. But again, it’s Easter, and you can expect any surprises,” says the analyst of Ukrainian agrarian Association Dmitry Dane. Okhrimenko, in turn, does not exclude a rise in price on 20%. Thus, a dozen eggs, which today is worth around UAH 14, Easter will cost UAH 16-17.

VEGETABLES AND WINE. The most controversial situation is with vegetables. Doroshenko stressed that their cost for the holiday is not relevant and depends more on the seasonality. “Closer to the summer vegetable stocks in warehouses are exhausted, and this will affect the cost. Potatoes and carrots can be a little up — 5-10%. But the greenhouse vegetables will fall in price because of global warming. It starts with bow, then there will be the normal price of radishes, cucumbers and tomatoes. In General they are cheaper by 10-15%”, — predicts Okhrimenko.

That is, if today a kilo of potatoes will cost 6.5 UAH for Easter, this figure will rise to 7 UAH. Closer to the holiday will be beneficial to buy tomatoes (they now cost about UAH 43 and will drop to 39) and cucumbers, the price of which will fall from 50 UAH 44-45. “If you say that the feast can still grow — in the shops will have more of Cahors, and the price for it will grow. But on the other wines now great offer a lot of imported product, and the price is unlikely to change,” sums up..

The experts agreed that the price of wine is unlikely to increase more than 1-2 UAH, and will cost up to UAH 67 per bottle.

Inspection of eggs and shares a trick

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine on the eve of the Passover began a study of the egg market. According to the representative of the AMC Igor Kotovskogo, it is now clear that the formation of a festive price of this product is exclusive signs, and his Department will continue to test the pricing of equity.

In turn, the head of Ukrainian public organization “consumers Union of Ukraine” Maxim Nesmeyanov told us about the possible “pitfalls”, which can use large stores in anticipation of the holiday. So, he recalled a classic case where the supermarkets are jacking up the price on popular holidays products, and for a day or two before the event itself, satisfied the “shares”. “The buyer still feels cheated because even these promotional prices are higher than usual. In addition, since the goods before the big holidays sold by not very active — people are saving money for Easter — it remains on the shelves. Throw it to incur losses. And because dishonest shops trying the product to stick to the big holidays, and then gently to distribute it among fresh products,” he said.