Fell directly into a residential home, details of the crash in Pakistan

In Pakistan International Airlines, told about the last words of the pilot

In the crash, which 22 may have suffered in Pakistan Karachi airliner national carrier Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), killed at least two people.

Recalling the civil aviation authority of Pakistan, local GEO TV reported that the plane flew for one minute to Jinnah INTL airport and crashed in a residential area.

Arrived at the scene of the tragedy rescuers have got bodies of two dead men and a five year old boy. Just from-under blockages have got 15 to 20 people, of whom eight were taken to hospital.

Hospitalization of the victims complicates the pandemonium in the narrow streets of Karachi. Authorities urged residents to go home.

In the PIA said the number of people on Board – 97 (previously reported 107). Among them were 12 crew members and 85 passengers, including eight children.

“The pilot said both runways for landing. However, the pilot decided to make entry to the second round. Why he did it, for some technical reason, unknown to us,” said the airline’s CEO Arshad Malik, adding that the last words of the pilot was the statement about the faulty jet engine.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has already expressed his condolences to the families of the victims, noting that he was “shocked and distressed” by the incident. Upon crash of an investigation, which is the main priority for the authorities.

Recall that four years ago in the town of Havelian in Northern Pakistan crashed another plane PIA. On Board were 47 people– none of them survived. According to witnesses, the aircraft crashed into a mountainside and caught fire.

And last year during a training flight in a residential area of Rawalpindi in Northern Pakistan military aircraft crashed. The victims of the tragedy were 17 people.