My partner often looks “movie for adults”: is this normal


My partner often looks “movie for adults”: is this normal

If you want to hide an addiction to “hot” content, or is the norm

Elena Solovyeva

Today, 21:31

Each of us at least once in your life watched “adult films”. In adolescence-adolescence – habras, giggling and embarrassed, Mature – aroused and looking for some new “stuff”. Someone “strawberry” causes confusion and disgust, and someone can not imagine life without content Pornhub.

At home, at work, on vacation, or to openly embarrassed, and then deleting the history in the browser – either way, we all watch movies about it. Why? Whether jealous partner, sticking to sites 18+? If you want to hide an addiction to pornovideogratis or is this the norm?

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Let’s see, why do we watch such movies. If we are talking about teenagers, here everything is clear – the forbidden fruit and the ability to somehow join the world of big sex.

For an adult person, healthy physically and morally adequate, porn is the piquant icing on the cake, a chance to relax, ignite the imagination, to provoke yourself and your partner. Personally, I think that watching good quality porn can be a wonderful prelude. It starts, allows you to hint at some of his secret fantasies and it’s easy enough to persuade a partner to experiment on the type of “let’s try it”.

Another question, if you’re interested just porn. Walks next to the woman/man, but… in the monitor interesting. Here it is worth considering. Few options – either partner lost interest specifically to you, or there are some problems that need to be addressed with the sex therapist or even a psychologist.

  • Jealous to porn?

Of course not. This is so stupid as to be jealous of food. But think about the reasons it is important. If your partner is watching stories on the same topic – a clear hint as to what he/she is lacking in life. Try to realize a secret dream, and it is very possible that the watch will be just for you deeply admired eyes.

  • To remove a “strawberry” video?

Yes, if you are confident in the partner and that this spicy VIDOS’t come out and play on the Network and will not be subject to blackmail. And if you clearly understand that even the most budget porn actors highlight, retouch, apply make-up, correct posture, etc. Ordinary sex, even very passionate, distant from aesthetics. So don’t be embarrassed, if it’s “not like the movies”.

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But in General – all necessary measure. Eat one cake – delicious and fun to eat pounds of sweet – not normal. So with the Internet’s total smut content. If your sexual partner invites you to watch “hot” film – no need to include bigot and turn the nose. Perhaps in this way you are trying to hint at certain fantasies. The usefulness of the joint view is that, first, it’s exciting; secondly, it brings you closer, because there is a significant credibility – you are allowed in your imagination; thirdly, it is an opportunity to learn easy and without constraint, to talk about their desires and to diversify sex life role-playing games.

If your partner is excited only by what is happening on the screen – think it may be better to leave them alone with the monitor and find someone who is interesting real? And remember – to re-educate the person can be up to three years. Further is a waste of time. In a country where sex is still (alas) no, and in the minds of the mass of cockroaches and stereotypes, where people are embarrassed to go to a sex shop porn for a long time will cause contemptuous smirk and prudish grimassi. But will be watching everything. Most just watch, and someone possibly to bring.

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