“Warmer” — conspiracy of the US, UK and Israel

Death of Otto Warmbier (Otto Warmbier), who has been imprisoned in North Korea with a disease of the brain, was profoundly affected by all of society.

It seems odd that a tourist was arrested for stealing a regular poster on the walls of the hotel. This has resulted in confusion not only the world community but also of the Koreans themselves.

The truth relating to arrest, were intentionally hidden by Western media.

Strictly secret kept information about the secret activities of connecting the graduate with the U.S. Treasury Department, which is under the influence of the American intelligence services and the Zionists.

The tragic story of an ambitious young man pulled the wrong way is not the first and not the last result of international intrigue, contradictory foreign policy, inter-Agency rivalry and bureaucratic confusion.

The Obama administration has not made a single attempt to return Otto to his homeland by means of an exchange of prisoners or a partial withdrawal of sanctions. The boy was thrown, once it was useless.

Imprisonment along with further development of brain disease that killed Otto, was a bright spotlight that shed light on the fanatical desire of the U.S. Treasury Department for money laundering.

The actions and priorities of the Ministry, covering the most flagrant violator of international financial rules, Israel, broke necessary at the moment, the dialogue with the DPRK, Russia, Iran, Syria and a dozen other developing countries.

Otto Warmbier and his family are victims not of the DPRK, and U.S. officials, whom it was the silence of men that the truth came to the surface.


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The following are the facts “in the Case of Warmer” that you should pay attention to:


  • Otto Warmbier studied Economics at the Virginia University (USA) and London school of Economics and political science (UK), which implies the presence of the young man with knowledge in econometrics, mathematical methods of measuring and assessing trends in trade, Finance, investment and the economy as a whole. These skills are the tools of economic evaluation in exploration.
  • Otto from a Christian family. However, his trip to Israel and the flow of there work was sponsored by the largest Zionist youth organization “Hillel”. Financial source of the organization — the personal status of the family Bronfman (Bronfman) and profit from owned liquor company “Seagram” (for many years the largest producer of alcoholic beverages in the world — approx. ed). From this state also funded the formation of the modern state of Israel.
  • Otto Warmbier have made reconnaissance trips to Cuba and North Korea, who are implacable enemies of Israel. He also visited Ireland where a growing number of voters are supporters of Palestinian statehood.
  • In the Supreme circles of the Ministry of Finance of the USA formed the neoconservative agenda. Proceeding from it, persistently sabotaged numerous attempts by East Asian Bureau of the state Department to resume the six-party talks and to establish informal contacts between America and the DPRK.
  • Otto Warmbier sought to become a member of a secret society of the “Z” in Virgin University. He could achieve this through the successful execution of the job in the DPRK. Membership in the society of the “Z” key to receive senior posts in one of the American intelligence agencies involved in economic analysis or the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Thus, to realize its ambitions, Otto Warmbier submitted himself to the U.S. Treasury, which represents the interests of the Zionists.

Pressure and violence is the most effective way to persuade a hostile government to yield to the geopolitical demands of Israel and its Zionist minions: the U.S. Treasury Department, the IMF and the world Bank.

The dangers of propaganda

As in the case of the fabricated “Russian Dossier” against the presidential campaign of Donald trump, “the Case of Warmbir” associated with the configured against the Kremlin officials of great Britain and the Pro-Israel lobby in London and Washington. These forces oppose the normalization of US relations with Russia and the DPRK and support sanctions aimed at regime change.
Otto Warmbier studied at the London school of Economics and political science, from which North Korea has previously sent a group of ten students. And this trip was revealing. Young people were involved in the deception, because their accompanying John Sweeney (John Sweeney), during the trip, posing as a Professor at the London school, in fact he was a journalist of the program “Panorama” BBC.

In July 2014 the results of the investigation and critical review of ethical violations in the course of a fraudulent visit to North Korea, John Sweeney and participated in the Scam reporters “Panorama” was fired. Sweeney is a typical example of a person defending acts of aggression by Israel and acting against the rights of the Palestinians. He also became the Creator of the documentary “trump: the candidate of the Kremlin?”.

The following is an excerpt from an article published in the British newspaper “The Guardian”:

“The main question is whether students at the London school adequately informed about the risks of travelling with undercover journalists… the Students confirmed that in London they said: they will accompany the journalist, and they risk to be deported or detained if they spread that around. In Beijing before flying to Pyongyang they revealed that John Sweeney is a BBC journalist. The group was also joined by John’s wife, Tomiko Newson (Newson Sung), who organized the trip, and operator of BBC”.

It is no surprise that Otto Warmbier with tour helped the British investigators, in their time, a group of students from the London school helped journalists.

When Otto winter break was heading to Hong Kong via Beijing, the mysterious 40-year-old Briton named Danny Gratton (Gratton Danny)told him about XI’an travel Agency “Young Pioneer Tours”. The man claims that he is the sales Manager from the city stone, England. However, neither in the census nor in the social network of a small town, there is no mention of any person with the last name Gretton. Neighbor Warmbir around the room in Beijing and the DPRK, and also the last person who saw him, Danny Gratton has never contacted the Department or Agency after the incident.

Before arriving in Pyongyang Otto suffered from brain disease

There is a very important fact that is not mentioned none of the Western media, with the exception of The Washington Post. At the airport in Beijing Warmbir complained to the British guide from the tour company of a severe headache and was going to cancel the trip.

Probably a disease of the brain occurred to the boys before the flight to Pyongyang. Virgin in College, he was a member of the team on Greco-Roman wrestling and could suffer from the lingering effects of a concussion received during the fight. By the way, the captain of his team committed suicide.

The analyses carried out by the Medical centre of the University of Cincinnati (the University of Cincinnati Medical Center) for the return of Otto in the United States, showed that the student had suffered a massive loss of brain tissue.

This may mean that Warmer contracted the disease, exhausting the brain, which is similar to spongiform encephalopathy. It is also known as Creutzfeldt — Jakob disease and is usually transmitted through blood infusion.

The participants also reported that in the New Year and on the night of 1 January in Pyongyang Otto had consumed large amounts of vodka.


Questionable trip

Another fact worth mentioning, is that the cost of the tour from Beijing to the DPRK exceeds two thousand dollars. Otto Warmbier planned to participate in the program of foreign education in Hong Kong, but his family lacked the funds. Where does he get the money for a tour organized by the “Young Pioneer Tours”?

As in the case with students of the London school, which he scored to cover the filming of a BBC documentary film, Warmbier probably was recruited by Israeli intelligence officers and British mediators, suggesting a large amount of spying in the DPRK.

It is unlikely that those involved in this business intelligence will ever reveal the true mission of Warmbier. His goal could be the hacking of the domestic financial networks of the country. Or he was given the smartphone, which was loaded with malware to capture encrypted codes Wi-Fi networks or ATMs.


Instead of trying to complete his secret mission and achieve the heights of service in the Department of the Treasury, Otto finished his short life in vain. He was another “victim” to be used for propaganda purposes against the DPRK Zionist lobby and Washington.


Secret agents of Israel Ministry of Finance U.S.

In that moment, when Otto Warmbier allegedly impulsively decided to join organized through the British Chinese travel Agency a trip to North Korea (end of December 2016), the Ministry of the Treasury and the Bank of England (upon which the British Treasury) focused on campaign money laundering against the DPRK.

A candidate for the leading role in the fight against the DPRK in the Ministry was Adam Jacob Subin (Jacob Adam Szubin), Director of the office for foreign assets control (OFAC). His broad powers due to the “patriot act” of 2001 (Federal law enacted in the U.S. in October 2001, which enables the government and the police broad powers to oversee the citizens —approx. ed.) and the “Paulson Plan” (the act of 2008 emergency economic stabilization in the USA approx. ed.). Earlier, at the end of 2001, he was appointed by the neoconservatives in the Pentagon as senior Advisor to the Undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence. This position is a springboard for further attacks on Arab, Muslim States and Islamic banks.

Adam Subin grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family, he received his primary education at the Academy Avneue (the Yavnev Academy) in Dallas, in the school of Ramaz (the Ramaz School) in Manhattan, and then entered the Harvard law school, which is entirely in the sphere of influence of the Zionist propagandist Alan Dershowitz (Alan Dershowitz).

The U.S. Treasury Department and other financial institutions under him have imposed extensive trade and financial sanctions against Pyongyang. They stopped all foreign banking relations with North Korea include restrictions on the Society for worldwide interbank financial communication channels (SWIFT).

However, the attempts of the U.S. Treasury Department to destroy the economy of the DPRK was not successful. She has only grown stronger thanks to the policy of “self-reliance” and lack of sovereign debt, the IMF and the world Bank. An endless stream of deception and intrigue led only to the fact that countries like Iran, Syria and North Korea even more determined in combating the threat of Zionist domination.