“‘t remember people”: new details about the state of Boris Moiseyev after a stroke

“‘t remember people”: new details about the state of Boris Moiseyev after a stroke

Today, 18:31

Colleagues spoke about the difficulties that are now facing the singer

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

the editor of the Show business

In 2010, Boris Moiseev suffered a stroke. To cope with the consequences of the disease he failed so far, and in 2015 a second stroke deprived him of the opportunity to speak. Music critic and journalist Sergey Neighbors shared details of the condition of the singer.

“Last time I saw Boris in March of last year at a concert of the singer Dimash in the Kremlin. He was not alone. With him was whether the Director, or someone else, but I remember that this man supported Boris’s hand as he walked with difficulty. It was obvious that Bob is weak, but tried to hold on. Can’t say that it was this evening really “bad”… but still it was noticeable that the man had a stroke”, — told the publication “the Source.ru” Sergey Neighbors.

The singer Boris Moiseev Photo: instagram.com/bmoiseevpro

About a year ago, the producer of “Tender may” Andrei Razin was able to talk with Boris and he noticed that the artist has problems with memory.

“He was still able to communicate fairly well. At the moment, can’t. Unfortunately, the effects of stroke manifest themselves. Physically Bor, maybe better, but from a moral point of view, his condition is deteriorating. I personally asked if the shooting of my friend Sergey Peas to stop driving the Bob on these talk shows. He is not in a position today to say what you would like. It needs to be remembered by people in full consciousness, in the Prime of life. It always was sold out… At work he was burned,” said Andrei Razin.

According to Andrew, Moses does not poor, next to it is its Director Sergei Peas, and help friends. The phone number of the singer changed, it is only the closest. Assistants to the artist are his page in Instagram where you publish the photo archive.

Recall that in April this year, the renowned 51-year-old singer Tatiana Bulanova was hospitalized in one of hospitals of St. Petersburg with minor stroke. Her condition has improved, but a month later, the singer spoke again about the health problems. Tatiana has moved online concert on may 24.