Horoscope for July 30 – August 5: Sagittarius it’s time to travel, and Virgo will solve other people’s problems

ARIES. You are now acting on the wave, play with passion on the life stage, in the course of playing the right roles. However, this is not a reason for a massive “booze”, and have fun and flirt with the mind, you need a spiritual friend, a loving mate and business partner in one person, with whom you can build a cozy family nest and live in perfect harmony.

Selfishness is tame, focusing on the needs of partners. And when “bear” some kind of crazy element to the heights of pleasure – slow down, for risk to fall into the abyss of debauchery. Better the huge potential directed in a creative way.

In a friendly circle of fate makes the revision of old friends that hinder spiritual development, to come up with your trajectory. Revise friendly values.

TAURUS. Events in the career area and the business gain fatal momentum. Stay out of trouble to the leadership, demanding higher positions and wages. The ability to “survive” in a role of generalist in a competitive environment are high. Here save prudence, good business talent and analytical mind. Work in good faith, not her job, maintain a harmonious atmosphere in the service team.

But above all, take good care of the family, faithfully stick to the family traditions, transform the relationship “parents-children”. The Apple fall far from the tree. And will make every effort to turn the home hearth in a beautiful comfortable place. Now you are the king at home abode!

GEMINI. Personal thoughts, views, ideas, attitude – the Holy of holies. Inspiring, illuminating the path to excellence. “Dig” somewhere interesting. And other people’s advice, parting words, the ideals – the way of recourse. And no need for them to adapt.
The ease with which you make connections is the result of the cordiality, the friendliness, the instinctive feeling of how to act in a variety of circumstances.

People reciprocate when you are bluffing, and sincerely reveal to meet them, like a flower to the sun. Social environment is a barometer of spiritual growth, if you make friends easily, so all is well, you are on the right track, expand your circle of friends and Cartuja there!

Attention married couples: are your choices influenced by demonic forces, help the poor to overcome that attack – love. After all, being in love, you dwell in God.

CANCERS. You are charming and sexy that is a magic wand at a critical moment. Now material goods are the measure of life values. But keep in mind, money is a treasure, if they earned through their own efforts and provide an opportunity to develop spiritually.

Wisely balance between desires and possibilities, let the “want” rules, then get rich and make scheduled plans.
Other people’s needs and requirements are retarded, so if someone refuse – do it diplomatically and reasonably, so as not to hurt business, relationships with people.

LIONS. The path of self-affirmation strewn with roses of success, fame, prestige. Entourage eagerly catches every word, gesture, mimics the behavior that it imposes a great responsibility for every action.

Do not focus on simple everyday things, you are well versed in philosophical knowledge and is able, thanks to the delicate humor, eloquence, to convey them to the hearts of the people, to instruct on the right path, to finally fall in love with!
If someone is not on the way, the relationship has exhausted itself (for example, the partner behind in development) – put the point. Or take on bail. The choice is yours. Yielding to pressure, manipulations, will make it worse.

The fate of orders everywhere to steer, jerks forward not to miss. Learn independently to make important decisions and to bear for it responsibility. Surrounding to pay for your mistakes don’t have to.

VIRGO. Life’s stuffed with karmic stories. Driven into the subconscious mind a variety of emotions, demanding immediate release. And keep them is impossible. The decision other people’s problems will become the norm. Float on the surface a lot of sensitive information, their own mistakes, self-deceptions, suspicions, or justified, or shatter, freeing the soul from torture.

In the service of the coming upheavals, something recede into the past. Work hard, do charity, and then everything will return a hundredfold, desires implemented. The compass of fate now indicates the path of virtue, sacrificial actions.

LIBRA. You a popular personality, self-sufficient, charisma is shining, try to be the center of attention. Around many bright and influential people with whom you can make friends, establish business and friendship relations. To borrow precious life, professional experience, learn wisdom, and grow spiritually.
And promote their own interests.

Luck will come through the beloved profession, true friends, fellow human beings, who unite spiritual interests. But a romantic “hanky-panky” will bring disappointment, enough to throw love arrows! This is a topic worked out.

SCORPIONS. You are at the peak of spiritual maturity (however, each has its own potential plank), achievements will be recognized. However, keep in mind will be rewarded only what he has deserved for a long period. Loafing – the result of matching. Why not razmenivayas to detail and set a high noble goal, parallel to sacrifice personal and family happiness. And fortune you eventually caressed! Many expect the rise in the career, exciting new (and old!) creative projects that are destined to successfully implement. And most importantly – will be able to combine the creative vocation with their chosen profession.

ARCHERS. To expand mental horizons, to look into the unknown, to become wiser and better, and to share those achievements with others – that is your calling. Look at things under the microscope of rationality but from the height of a global perspective, in terms of creativity you have reached the climax. And definitely travel. Away from home charging life of the battery will be fine.
Alien seed is not primivite, avoid to impose its ideology, no judge, and check out other people’s thoughts, tips, there is a grain of truth. Find a godly spiritual mentor—the main task.

The threat – to protect yourself from the wiles of the evil one, to Nov you in his crosshairs. How?.. Adhering to God’s commandments.

CAPRICORNS. Material interest and attitude towards money has a direct impact on the implementation of ambitious plans, the strengthening of career positions. Click on professional pedal, official brilliant reputation, with the boss a great relationship.

Do not infringe on someone else time everywhere pay, getting rid of debt tails, and what they deserve, Heaven will return with dividends. If someone (something) has become attached soul to find strength to break those chains. Then get what is needed for full happiness. Love, money, recognition, respect.

AQUARIANS. Enough to command and to fight for the championship – your train leaves. Take the companions willingness to share themselves with a partner in marriage or business partner and cooperation will be fruitful.
Only do not dissolve in each other. You two strong-willed personality – walk in unison, avoiding the all-consuming mutual diffusion! The upstarts and the rebels expect the fateful finish.

Attention born February 12-18. You can both find, and lose. Life changes, protect nerves, stresi threat. Most importantly serve as a moral example to others not to resist change.

FISH. Tune in to the working wave, the hard work will open all the gates on the path of life. Your personnel value as a universal technician (ideally not the Manager, and contractor). The more varied the responsibilities, the powers, the better. Labor pull a plow, a plow vigorously, maintaining the harmonious atmosphere in the team and the results will exceed all expectations.

If you use as a source of charity (or someone a parasite), it should be put an end. This free “donation” hinders the development consuming health. Any work intended equivalent be paid.
On the personal front everything is fine, fall in love and be happy.