Zelensky has responded to Georgia’s plans to recall its Ambassador over Saakashvili

Kiev is not going to go on similar measures and to withdraw its Ambassador

After the ex-President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili was appointed Chairman of the Executive Committee of reforms, the Georgian government was going to withdraw its Ambassador from Ukraine. President Vladimir Zelensky believes such a step Tbilisi mistake. He said this during a visit to Lugansk region, reports “RBC-Ukraine”.

The Ukrainian leader is sure that in spite of everything, between the two countries good relations and Kiev is not going to go on the same steps.

“We are, no matter what, we will not withdraw our Ambassador to Ukraine because the relations between our countries leadership any longer… it seems to Me that this is the fault of the Georgian side. After consultation, all parties will understand that the personnel policies of each state applies only to that state and citizens who live in it. Not to offend anyone, I think, is our policy. Mr. Saakashvili is a citizen of Ukraine … and I am the President of Ukraine, which appointed him,” said Zelensky.

After the decision Zelensky to make Saakashvili the main reformer of the country, Georgia was going to withdraw its Ambassador from the country. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Georgia David Zalkaliani said that it does not mean the rupture of diplomatic relations or revision of a strategic partnership.

“It is a usual practice in diplomatic relations, which indicates certain problems in the bilateral relations, therefore, to determine future steps necessary to consult with the Ambassador,” he said.

And meanwhile, Saakashvili told the details of her conversation with Zelensky, after which he was promoted. He said Ukraine should pull out of the swamp and is ready to apply its experience of reform.