Only agriculture: workers in Poland concessions

Poland allows Ukrainians to carry out the quarantine box

The Polish authorities allowed the workers from Ukraine and other countries East from Poland to begin work immediately without a two week quarantine because without them a country can overtake a disaster.

As reported by RMF24, may 21, said the Minister of agriculture of Poland, Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski.

He noted that the coronavirus pandemic, caused him and other European countries, the shortage of labour and his Department assists farmers in addressing this issue.

To work under the contract: whether Ukrainians go to work abroad

Ardanowski announced a significant relief for workers who come from the Eastern border to work on farms. In particular, despite the quarantine, they can start to work from day one.

Thus, according to the Minister, to test foreigners on coronavirus in Poland will not, because it can be regarded as unlawful state aid.

Also Krzysztof Ardanowski called the poles, who were out of work, and to get the harvest in as “solidarity with the farmers”.

More about the problems of crossing the border, the possibility of returning Ukrainian migrant workers home and unemployment, which can stir up Poland itself, read our interview with the first Vice-President of the Polish-Ukrainian chamber of Commerce Oleg Debichem.

We wrote that on the background of coronaries Ukraine itself has put forward a number of requirements to foreign companiesthat employ Ukrainians abroad.