We picked lilacs, but the war is not over

Uncle Antonin escaped from forced labor in early April 1945, when Germany was really quite bad. Some time he spent in the frontal zone, and then crossed the front line and was in the territory reconquered by the red army. Realizing that jumped from the frying pan into the fire, back on the German side, finally leaving behind the fighting line, and went through the Sudetenland (there it is, surprisingly, a few times fed, although it was clear that he’s a Czech), and then through the Protectorate in Prague. At the end of April he came to his parents in Zizkov in the street Rohacova 75, which was then called Prstenova square, the house seems to be four. There is my uncle waiting for the end of the war.

When uncle returned from the barricades, which has been around full, red army tanks had rumbled at the Brno-street, and before that was heard on Vedenskoi and Podebradovo, which later became Avenue Konev. Sister Antonina, including my mother, went to Prstenova area to pick some lilacs.

Antonin just said, “Girls, don’t get too excited. On the way I learned them. We got rid of one came the others.”

Truly prophetic words.

He experienced it in my own skin. After 1948 he always remained a Mason, because negative comments about the Communist SA and SS — the people’s militia. And uncle was lucky, because at first instead of concrete he was threatened with uranium somewhere in the camp under Pribram and Akimovym.

Then reality turned on its head. Ugly bloody ideology of manifest covertly incorporated the German-Nazi theory about the determinism of the blood. “We are Slavs, we are of one blood!” and “The biggest Slavic nation, our liberators, eternal and predestinated leaders — Russian!”. Such sverchkova. Supermen. In the book “the Story of a real man” by Boris Polevoy transfers dialogue between the red Commissar Vorobyev and legless pilot Meresyev. He says in despair that will never fly, that may not, and that is beyond the capabilities of someone who had no feet. Sparrows and it says: “But you are no ordinary man. You’re a Soviet man!” Superman.

Yes, uncle Antonin was right. Some went, others came. Perfect supermen.

And with them came the Russian myth about the Second world war. Yes, during the one party rule we have the interpretation of the history of this disaster coincided with the Moscow myth. Something similar to the epic of Vladimir the Red Sun, the bogatyrs Dobrynya Nikitich, Churilov Plenkovic, Ilya Muromets, Sadko the sailor, magician Koschei, Nightingale the Robber, the horse Borushka-Cosmatesque…

I have nothing against the popular myths. They form the consciousness and subconsciousness of the people, and without them, there would be no national identity. But the newer myths, so they are more dangerous to modern history, the more they distort reality. Many of these myths are filled with disgusting nationalist stereotypes. And it relates to the myth of the great Patriotic war.

For us, it is even more dangerous because, by adopting this Russian myth, we turn to the context of the debtors in the coffin of life. We become submissive slaves who need to stay connected with their saviors and great winners. And, by the way, the Czech society is infected by this myth so much that remains ready to play the role of a grateful (Slavic) citizen.

Therefore, let us patiently look. The second world war was limited to 22 June 1941, when Hitler broke the word of the dictator, the dictator, and the eighth or ninth of may 1945, when the dictator was involved in the triumph over the dictator.

According to some historians, the beginning of the world need to look for in 1937 when Japan attacked China. It was a world war. Not European. Not Russian-German. Not the legendary and “the one” the Great Patriotic war.

In Europe the war started on the first of September 1939 with the German attack on Poland and the subsequent reaction of France and Britain. The attack on Poland was caused not by one state. A few days after the first of September 1939, attacked the poor poles and the Soviet armed forces. Germany and the Soviet Union signed the Treaty, called the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, under which they divided reach for them Europe.

Eternal “strategic” argument that Stalin invaded Poland in order to prepare the base for the war with Germany, not baseless. In addition, after such pseudo-explanations inevitably raises the question: is for border security, it was necessary to kill 20 thousand of Polish officers and intellectuals in Katyn? And thousands sent to concentration camps and killed somewhere on the Russian open spaces?

Whether for your own security it was necessary to occupy and forcibly Russify the Baltic States? Without a Declaration of war to attack Finland and peaceful to sacrifice a place in the League of Nations? For reference: from 1933 to 1939, from the League of Nations had been excluded or had been Germany, Japan, Italy and the Soviet Union. This number says something about the similarity of the States, isn’t it?

The aggressive participation of the Soviet Union as a power in starting the war in Europe is undeniable and irrefutable. What totalitarian coalition collapsed, and its members came together in a scrum, nothing in this fact does not change. And to end the dictatorial unions.

Therefore, the age-old argument that if it was not Russian, and we wouldn’t be here, doesn’t make sense. It is, first and foremost, contrary to history: nothing of the kind was begun, so that can hardly be the reason. Undoubtedly, in a great German car hatched plans about the extermination or Germanization of the Slavs. But the question is, I have started to implement them or not. Even assuming that Yes, then we have to take things like “if”: if in 1940 Hitler came to Stalin and said to him: “Uncle Joe, we will destroy the Czechs. If you don’t mind, then we keep silent when you will kill this Baltic change!” they would raise their glasses for it (Hitler — tea, because I was sober, but wouldn’t deprive the two great men to desire to toast). Then Joe would give Dolfi some valuable recommendations about how best to exterminate the Slavic people. After recently Stalin gained experience in the genocide of the Slavic Ukrainians. “All, dear Dolfi, you can do so that in the end they don’t even have to kill themselves from starvation will eat each other!!!” And they’d laugh, Rulers and Masters.

One who doubts the lack of integrity of these two gentlemen, in particular, of Stalin, let him read the memoirs of a German Communist, a friend of Jesenska Milena, Margarete Buber-Neumann. Unspeakable acts, which, doubtless, refers the results to the Gestapo German Communists who had fled to Moscow from Hitler, the Soviet Union was in order. This is a very clear proof of the Union of the two powers, suffering from the same syndromes. On the one hand, “we were chosen for the mission of the saviors”, and with another — feeling outcast and constant danger. As you can see, this feeling stayed with the Russian until now. Must be from the horrible sobriety of the German revolutionary left, which the officers of the NKVD, the Gestapo brought in a gift from “Mr. Stalin, Mr. Hitler”, then caught the spirit.

How else could someone believe that the Soviet Union liberated us from the racist Slavic blood brotherhood? The poles are also Slavs. And the Ukrainians. But unless the Russians were sympathetic to them? Ukrainians, as already mentioned, they almost starved to death. And if I wanted to, I would have brought the case to the end.

No, the Russian didn’t come here for love, like singing naive Czech poets. They came up with uranium, heavy industry… and to spend time in private. For example, touch ladies.

And it is not surprising that our mom and aunt thought differently and broke off the lilac bushes. They didn’t know. He closed his both eyes, it was possible to accept things for the brotherly rescue. Especially when the propaganda is so cleverly deceived.

It seemed to us that the war ended and Russian — her characters.

But it is far from over and lasted another few months. Japan surrendered only about a month after the two strokes that people could barely stand after Herosimy and Nagasaki. Yes, indeed, not likely to be bombs, cynically named a cute “Baby” in a future war would have killed many more people. But the situation here is similar to the Dresden Slaughterhouse-five. The incident torments and causes rejection.

In this non-European part of the war, the Soviet Union did not participate. With Japan he had a non-aggression Pact, which allowed the Japanese military planes to land crisis in Soviet territory between the operations in the war with the United States. The Soviet Union declared war on Japan only when the “Baby” fell from the sky and picked up the mushroom over Hiroshima.

Thus, some hypocrisy is to constantly blame the allies delay opening of the so-called second front. We must not forget that the US and Britain were carrying on their shoulders a great burden of the war in the Pacific. Of course, the Russian had neither military nor material, nor moral forces to early to go to war with the Country of the rising sun. But even then they admit it and not pretend that a whole load of destructive conflict shouldered.

By the way, about the “second front”. Even the use of this term is a step toward a Soviet, that is Russian war. Really was one of the only European Russian-German front?

And the front in Africa? In The Atlantic? In the Pacific region? These fronts were…

All this does not mean that someone denies the incredible courage of Soviet soldiers, albeit sometimes forced, given the cruel orders in the red army. Remember the description of Solzhenitsyn: the number of trains carrying soldiers to the front, equal to the number of trains, carrying from the front to the camps to slow death those who “blundered”. Recall also that Stalin refused to sign the Geneva Convention relative to the treatment of prisoners of war, thereby exposing their soldiers brutalized in German captivity, and for “their” Soviet prisoners of war were despicable traitors. And despite all this, these guys and girls had some kind of generosity. But we will not talk about what in their hearts was the love of Czech Slavs and the incredible desire to release them. If Stalin for strategic-political reasons did not need Prague, he ruthlessly left her to bleed to death, he dropped the Warsaw uprising.

This explains the constant denial of the bombing by the allies of Prague and Plzen. The bombs that fell on Prague, was a tragic mistake. And during the war there were many. Pilsen bombarded quite deliberately. But not in order to eliminate the industry, which according to the Yalta Treaty “moved” to the Eastern block. (By the way, a word about the fact that Yalta was determined by our position in post-war Europe, is also untrue, as there is no evidence that we were there at all was discussed.) The reason for air strikes in Plzen was different and simple: the factory Škoda was running the weapons company of the Wehrmacht. In fact, the last. Whoever destroyed the plant, which produces death to the soldier? Any — just enough to think about it and consider that before impact the residents of Pilsen warned in the air of London radio.

Russian has not done so, the ninth of may 1945, when in peacetime, the Czech fell asleep the earth bombs and killed hundreds of people just because of the defeated German soldiers did not stop, as they were required by the contract, and continued to run to the Americans. And then the drunken Soviet pilots (this is known from their own published memoirs) put in the cockpits and gave the order to drop in Mlada Boleslav, Melnik and other key points on highways and railroads bomb. On the first day of the world the Russians have planted at the end of life.

Thus, it is impossible to deny the decisive contribution to Russian victory in their great Patriotic war. It is impossible not to recognize that it involves and our liberation. But it was overall a “byproduct” in the course of the expansion of the Great Russian territory, a kind of “Onslaught of the West.” And no velikolukskoe of love and desire to help was not. Let us recognize that in the circumstances, sufficient. But let’s not hard to blow in the bitter Russian fanfare. We were the prey, not the brothers.

As for the rest of the war, for the Russian recognize everything they are owed. Good and bad, including the devil’s contribution to the start of the disaster.

But let us continue to think that in the moment when we tore lilac in the parks, it was a little different… Yes, uncle Antonin?!