Russian and American imperialism

The interests of Russian imperialism come together, but also face to American imperialism. The more Russian and Chinese companies have influence and even dominate the American and British in the region and around the world, the faster increases the number of refugees in Europe, the rise of the terrorist cell and, thus, increasingly threatened by sense financial, military, economic, and cultural systems of Western countries.

However, regional balance is directly related to the international balance, in which inevitably there will be new alliances and coalitions. At the same time, all parties understand that
control over oil and gas pipelines over the energy and metals markets, as well as on the arms market, technology, drugs can’t help the side, which depends on the random strategies or “expensive” reactions of other parties.

While plagued by the events, and their consequences spread all over the world from Eastern Europe to Africa to Latin America, Syria remains wounded. This conflict defines the rules of the game not only in the middle East and beyond.

Future key front in this all — electronic attack. For example, Obama acknowledged the loss and the loss of the “battlefield” of mutual spying between Russia and the United States and the leaks during the election campaign in the United States… American intelligence has also openly admitted his weakness and insufficient competence to the Russian intelligence, given its mixing in the results of elections in the struggle for the victory of trump.

Perhaps the biggest loss in the region during the period of democratic management of the country Barack Obama was the transformation of Turkey to the Russian Sputnik.

While Eurasian power under the patronage of Russia and China will increase, trump and especially US foreign policy will be absolutely opposite to the future… When, finally, trump feels that his game did not succeed, Putin will surely succeed in its tireless gusts… Any crazy trump is fueling a popular uprising and cause dangerous internal schisms… Any foolish economic decisions will only exacerbate as the internal crisis in the United States, as well as external, especially in relations with China.

Any imbalance between the major world powers involved in the struggle for power, will cast a shadow on the Security Council, as well as provide the ability to “freeze” the work of the United Nations as a whole. And any unilateral American decision, which is not in the interests of countries not included in the “satellites” of the US, will lead to the fact that they will seek support from opposing parties, especially if trump will suspend membership of the US in NATO.

All the difficulties of Europe will be on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, at the same time, she will face a choice on whose side to be: Putin or trump… Then the flow of migration from different countries to Germany will lose his new “guardian”.

As a result, will increase the role of the right in Europe, and centralized power will be shaken more and more, which dramatically cause a huge problem, especially in France… In turn many of us-European relations will collapse in favor of Putin’s brutal mafia, which will make the whole world pay the bills not only for the collapse of the Soviet Union, but also for the fall of post globalization.

All this is natural and normal. However stupid the Arab world, as throughout history, lost among the great conflicts of the savages, which were later ruthlessly crush it.