Star (Turkey): the Libyan army shelled and brought down the system “Krasuha” Russian production

Air force of the Libyan army attacked had escaped from the military base of al-Vatiya militant leader of illegal armed formations based in the East of the country, Khalifa the Haftarot (Khalifa Haftar). There were also fired and disabled the system of electronic warfare “Krasuha” Russian production.

According to local media, during an air operation carried out in the vicinity of the 53rd military camp in the area of TIGI on the border with Libya, Tunisia, were attacked and vandalized two militias fighting vehicles of the Haftarot.

Air force of the Libyan army also attacked the system of electronic warfare “Krasuha” in Russia and brought it down. Footage that captured the moment of impact on the system, hit the social network. Information about where it was fired system, no.

As you know, this morning the Libyan army took control of a military airbase al-Vatiya, which was occupied by militants of the Haftarot.

After the order to attack on Tripoli in April 2019, the Haftarot are actively used by the database al-Vatiya for strikes on the outskirts of the capital using military aircraft.