Forbes (USA): in Libya captured one of the most modern air defense systems Russia

Turkey-backed government forces in Libya have successfully held important intelligence operation. At the airbase of al-Vatiya they managed to capture the newest air defense missile-gun complex “Pantsir-S1”. In fact, this Russian zrpk was supplied not by Russia, but rather the United Arab Emirates and is taken from their arsenals.

To capture this zrpk was preceded by dramatic events. On 16 may, the drone tried to attack the missile system shortly after his arrival at the base in al-Vatiya. There is a video which shows how this zrpk first driven into the fortified hangar for aircraft, where he strikes with a missile. This airbase is under the control of the opposition to the current government of the Libyan national army under the command of the Caliph Haftara. The attack, carried out by the drone of Turkish origin TB2, this missile system, apparently, was destroyed before his performances in battle mode. However, it was only damaged, not destroyed. Most likely, the rocket got into the actual installation, and “technical” armored car, the jeep that was next to him.

As it turned out, it was a real success for the government forces, as only two days later, on 18 may, they captured this base. On the basis of numerous images that appeared on social networks this zrpk suffered from the explosion of the rocket, but not much. Obviously, in the time of the attack missiles of the complex were already in containers. After the capture of the complex “Shell-C1” began to show as a war trophy, and probably he was sent to a safe place to conduct research.

Zrpk “Shell-S1” (NATO SA-22 Greyhound) combines as rocket and cannon armament. According to reports, this complex is able to intercept a cruise missile, widely used by Assad’s forces in Syria. Despite their capabilities (or maybe thanks to them) zrpk “Carapace-C1” is an important goal for both the Turkish and Israeli air strikes in Syria. Less is known about how these complexes are also used during the civil war in Libya.

According to Oded Berkowitz (Oded Berkowitz), analyst in the field of intelligence, carefully watching the situation in Libya over the past two years in this country, apparently, was delivered a few such complexes. The first was spotted in June 2018, and can be seen in the photos placed in social networks users who are associated with the Libyan national army. It is very important that these systems were delivered to the United Arab Emirates, as well as their chassis are used vosmiklasnica German trucks Man SX 45. On such chassis complexes “Shell-C1” was staged only in the United Arab Emirates. It is not surprising that the report of the UN Security Council stresses that these systems were delivered to the Libyan national army from the arsenals of the United Arab Emirates. According to many observers, the United Arab Emirates are the principal sponsors of the Libyan national army.

Zrpk “Carapace-C1”, most likely, was delivered to Libya by air. Currently almost all arms supplies to the Libyan national army carried out by the aircraft. In addition, for the first time these complexes have been spotted at air bases.

Apparently, many of made in Turkey TB2 drone was shot down by these air defense missile-gun complexes.

In addition, government forces managed to capture at the airbase in al-Vatiya several aircraft, formerly part of the Libyan air force. Obsolete fighters “Mirage f-1” (Mirage F-1) and at least the old attack helicopters Mi-24 (NATO Hind) can be seen in the photos taken at the airbase.

Complexes “Carapace-C1” continue to be in the crosshairs. Appeared on a video today, apparently, it is possible to see how Turkey-backed forces shot down another missile and gun ad near the city of Sirte, located about 300 kilometers from the base of the al-Vatiya. Attack on the complex was done at the time of transportation on low-bed trailer, when he is most vulnerable.