Where and how did April fool’s Day

In many countries, April 1 is celebrated April fool’s Day or April fool’s Day, which decided to play each other, says the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

The most common theory is that April fool’s Day originated in France. Up to the year 1582 in France (which at that time lived according to the Julian calendar) New year is celebrated in spring from 25 March to 1 April. Then the government decided to introduce a new calendar – the Gregorian, new year’s celebrations suffered at the usual time, January 1st. However, due to the poorly developed communications this news came out, many continued out of ignorance or out of obstinacy to celebrate the New year continues. Educated citizens brought the custom to mock the ignorant: the most popular joke was to seamlessly attach to the back of the paper poor man a fish and tease it Poisson d’avril (“April fish”).

However, some Protestant countries such as England, Scotland, and Germany, adopted the Gregorian calendar only in the XIX century. But while they have long celebrated the annual Day of the fool.

It is obvious that from April 1, deeper roots, since such holidays existed in antiquity and the middle Ages. In Ancient Rome in mid-February was celebrated the feast of stupid. Historian Apuleius believed that in Ancient Rome, an April fool’s hoax was connected with the celebration in honour of the deity of laughter. Others claim that the holiday originated in ancient India, where on 31 March we celebrated the feast of jokes. The Icelandic sagas say that the custom cheat 1 APR was imposed by the gods in memory of Scud, daughter of Tessa. It is also known that in old times the Celts was a celebration in honor of the God of laughter.

There is another mythical assumption that the festival has appeared thanks to the king of Naples to Monterey, which in honor of the holiday on the occasion of the termination of the earthquakes presented to the fish. A year later the king asked the exact same. The same is not found, but the chef prepared another, similar. When the king recognized the substitution, not angry, but amused. Since it was a custom April fools jokes.

April fool’s day is now celebrated worldwide, but nowhere is the weekends. In the US it is called the “feast of the heart, not of the state.” The most popular jokes of American schoolchildren is thrown on the road tied a wallet or a piece of paper that clings on the back that says “Kick me.” Do not lag behind their children and adults. The mother can serve chocolate cakes, inside of which wool, or a cake filled with rags.

In Germany April 1, is considered an unlucky day. The Germans believe that born in this day will be unlucky. In the villages on 1 April do not work, do not begin new Affairs, do not release cattle from the stall. Adults and children deceive each other by sending to perform the impossible tasks.

In Portugal April fool’s Day falls on Sunday and Monday before lent. On this day, people throw each other with flour.

As scientists assume, in the celebration of this holiday came from Germany, probably in the beginning of XVIII century It was also called false, or Mary-liar – one of people’s nicknames Mary of Egypt – Holy day of celebration where old style coincides with the 1 April. On this day girls cheated on guys to twist future husband.

In Odessa on April fool’s Day became an official holiday: every year there is held the festival “Humorina”.

On April fool’s Day prank was arranged and the famous search engines. So, the Google search engine in 2013, played users with the presentation of interesting applications Google Nose, supposedly sending smells on the personal computer of the user. YouTube even posted a promotional video of the new service. Only when the user has pressed the button to call for help on the page floated the phrase: “April fool!”. The system “Yandex” in 2014 “decorated” home page flies, which can be destroyed in a keystroke.