A new uprising: you got the message?

A new rebellion rose up among the prisoners in Israeli prisons and camps. Prisoners on hunger strike, which he called “the Strike of freedom and dignity”, as a sign of injustice and condemn the Zionist practices in prisons. The prisoners demand better conditions in which there will be no injustice to him and the observance of human rights by the Israeli jailers.

It is not surprising that prisoners facing harsh conditions in prison, refuse to be silent about injustice. They are fighters who are tired of the tyranny of the Israeli forces. They are sort of specialists in injustice to them and want to overcome it while in prison. The enemy will surely bow to the heroic confrontation of the prisoners, who do not want to tolerate his tyranny. Through his will and determination, they are going to bring freedom and peace to Palestine, whose inhabitants have already begun to take to the streets in support of prisoners in the occupied territories and elsewhere.

Picking up messages

Prisoners have declared a strike in prison, sent many messages to the world that the Palestinian issue will never die while there are those who fight for her decision. All Arab or non-Arab initiative aimed at dealing with the enemy of Palestine and endorsed by all Palestinian factions. The prisoners claim that the prohibitions and torture in prisons say that, despite the fact that supporting the struggle of Palestine’s forces are far away from each other, they are United in their struggle against the occupation forces.

One of the prisoners calls upon every Palestinian in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Gaza and in other occupied cities and regions for resistance, not limited to legal ways and means. When words are useless, armed struggle is necessary to tell the world about resistance and refusal to eat for the love of Palestine and the support of the common cause. Every Palestinian needs to stop running away from difficulties, to meet face to face with your enemy and kill him. And if it is necessary to do with weapons, then you should know how, where and when to use it. In addition, the letter States that the Palestinians don’t care what wants their enemy and his allies. The Palestinians are preoccupied with their own problems and battles that are associated with the struggle against the real enemy with a view to his expulsion from Palestine.

A Palestinian prisoner asks all Arab and Islamic peoples, their governments, what have you done to resolve the Palestinian problem? What did you do to counter this? How can you support a “humiliating initiative” an enemy who wants to eliminate all the developments in the Palestinian issue? What the Arab and Muslim rulers or regimes can help solve the Palestinian problem? Whether the League of Arab States and the Organization of Islamic cooperation our defenders who remember the main meaning for the liberation of Palestine and its sanctities?

The interaction with the enemy and Palestinian reconciliation

Palestinian prisoners ask why there continues to be coordination on security issues between the enemy Israel and the Palestinian authority? Why not cut all means of communication that benefit only the enemy and no one else? Why not to unite efforts of all political and military groups to tackle the root of the Palestinian problem about the liberation of the entire country? Why not activate the cooperation between Gaza and Ramallah for the sake of common interests?


© Adel El Masri/Narraboth photographer from Palestine, Adel El-Masri, “Knowledge, the Most Powerful Weapon” for HIPA photography contest

Despite all their suffering prisoners, the occupation authorities want to increase your “outrage” while the Muslim and Arab world is silent. The Zionist administration of prisons carried out a series of repressive measures. Increased the number of raids using sniffer dogs and inspections of prisoners who went on hunger strike. The administration confiscated some food, as well as copies of the Holy Quran. In addition, the occupation authorities forbade the striking prisoners to participate in Friday prayers, to go on a daily walk and moved many of the strikers in solitary confinement, so they would think over their actions and refused to share “Freedom and dignity”. One of the prisoners, Marwan Barghouti, announced on Monday about the deterioration of his health, as the Israeli authorities refused to transfer him from one prison to another, trying to neutralize an uprising of prisoners.

Israel has taken a rather aggressive stance, making numerous statements that the instigators “hunger strike” will not stop this, and will continue to incite and then, committing murder. Member of the Israeli Knesset, Oren Hazen stated that not all prisons are overcrowded, underground is still a lot of space. At the same time, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged the Palestinian government to suspend payments to prisoners and their families.

The intention is not to break…

Member of the Central Committee of Fatah, Marwan Baghouti (one of the most influential leaders of the Palestinian resistance since the first intifada in 1994 — approx. ed.) sent a message to parliamentarians around the world and members of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to declare a hunger strike. He wrote: “If you are reading this letter, it means that the Israeli occupation forces have chosen to continue policies of repression and collective punishment against the Palestinian prisoners, and continue to deny their legitimate demands.” And continued: “If you receive this message, it also means that I, along with my colleagues on hunger strike. We will not be silent, we will not surrender and we will not break our promise. Israeli MPs continue to incite arrests, while sitting at international parliamentary forums, while we try to prevent them.”


Simultaneously with these events, continuing national and international support for the strike is “Freedom and dignity”. The national Committee announced a series of events in support of the strike, including art exhibitions, festivals, and the organization of tent camps in all the cities in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza strip.

In Lebanon also held a series of events in solidarity with the uprising of prisoners in several Palestinian camps. Including a campaign organized by the “Democratic front for the liberation of Palestine” in Beirut refugee camp of Mar Elias. Politburo member Ali Faisal in his speech raised the issue of the need to bring this issue to the international level. In addition, you need to connect international institutions to denounce the Nazi occupation, violations of international law and agreements of the fourth Geneva Convention, and to develop penalties for violators of the laws. Faisal stressed that baseless arrests happen because Israel originally practiced the occupation of the territories of the Palestinian state, the suppression of the people and their legitimate right to resist the occupation, to build settlements and Judaize.

Ali Faisal requires the Palestinian authority to file a lawsuit in the international criminal court, providing the necessary evidence of infringement of the rights of detainees, which led to the deaths of hundreds of people in recent years. He called upon Palestinian, Arab and international organizations to strengthen the support for the actions of prisoners that will lead to a mass uprising in Israeli prisons, the rebellion of youth and the achievement of unity.

It is not surprising that the prisoners revolted with the aim to bring attention to all their problems. The problem with prisoners is one of the episodes of the struggle within the Palestine liberation and the confrontation of the Israeli enemy, who is trying to divert the attention of the Arab community from their actions. However, prisoners made it clear that Israel is the main and only enemy of the nation which they will fight to the bitter end.