Kresy (Poland): in Poland there is no modernization of T-72 tanks, there is a “dusting g***”

As we reported this month, by the end of the year, the Russian army needs to more than 120 past the modernization of tanks T-72Б3М, who recently also sent to Belarus. We are talking about models with improved mobile and live performance. It is equipped with engine capacity of 1130 HP (almost 300 HP more than the T-72B3), improved weapons and improved armor. Moreover, the Belarusian army has recently received another batch of tanks T-72, which the Russians have upgraded to version T-72B3.

In a comment for “Kresy” General Waldemar Skshipchak (Waldemar Skrzypczak) notes that the Russians carried out a thorough modernization of their tanks. “Decisions, they use aimed at improving the efficiency of these machines to potential Western flank, that is in Eastern Europe. T-72 has undergone profound changes, which greatly increased his fighting qualities,” he said. Assessing the situation in Poland, the General said: “we Have no upgrades. What we call modernization, is, using the expression of General Beech (Tadeusz Buk), “the dusting of s***” and no upgrading.”

Former commander of land forces of Poland adds that he hears about the modernization of the Polish tanks for 30 years. “I’m a tanker, this topic has been discussed for three decades. I can say that with these tanks we do nothing because we have no relevant possibilities.” General Skshipchak offers in such a situation focus on how to “make a deal with a strategic partner that can give our industry technologies together to create a tank”. “You can also negotiate with a strategic partner that produces such tanks, for example, “Abrams”, to open in Poland, the proceedings in their Assembly,” says the General.

“With Germany we keep the conversations aren’t glued, but once we relate well to the Americans, why not make them an offer and do not bring them to Poland, saying that we need 450-550 tanks. On the modernization of T-72 to forget, we cannot produce, says Skshipchak. — We will not be able to make this tank met the expectations of the military, not politicians and industry. We must ask the politicians: who needs this upgrade, army or industry? While everything is done for industry, not for the military. Let all these politicians will send in the units that are expected to fight in T-72, and their sons. No one dares to do so. If we want to increase our tank capacity we need to take a course on new solutions. To do pseudonocardiaceae means to mark time” — sums up the General Skshipchak.

Speaking about the new products that have emerged in Belarus for the modernized tank T-72Б3М, you should pay attention to a new gun 2A46M-5 125 mm caliber, as well as new multi-channel sight “Pine-U”, developed by the Belarusian company Peleng. These tanks are also equipped with a sight 1А40-4, a digital ballistic computer and a new set of armor the front of the case. In addition, they strengthened the new side screens and the rear of the hull and on the turret — mounted lattice screens. The tank has an engine IN-92С2Ф capacity of 1130 HP with automatic transmission.

Previously in an interview with “Kresy” General Skshipchak drew attention to the fact that the topic of joining the program to create a new European tank for Poland, apparently closed, so discussion of this topic is pure politics.

“We need tanks with new opportunities. Immediate need to launch the “Wolf” in cooperation with a strategic partner with the necessary technology, or to convince some country, Korea, with its tank of K2, America “Abrams”, to bring investments and technologies in the Polish defence industry, to create with us a new car,” said the former commander of land forces

As we reported earlier, in July last year signed a contract worth 1,749 billion zlotys (0,38 billion euros — approx.TRANS.) on the repair and modernization of 318 T-72 tanks. 1st regional logistics base in walcz signed with the consortium consisting of the Polish defense industry group (PGZ), the plant “Bumar-Labenda”, and a Military automobile plant (WZM). To work, which is scheduled for completion in 2025, will connect such companies belonging to PGZ as the “Industrial center of optics” (PCO) and “Center for research and development of mechanical devices” (OBRUM). The first refurbished tanks were handed over to the military in December of last year.

Recall that earlier it was planned to conduct a comprehensive modernization of T-72, however, this program has significantly reduced due to lack of funds. Plans to repair and upgrade then subjected to sharp criticism the General Skshipchak. In his opinion, it was a political decision, designed to save the company “Bumar”, and the key problem is that such tanks on the modern battlefield almost useless.

Influential American experts of the analytical centre “national Interest” is also critically evaluate the condition of the Polish armored forces. “The weapon that equipped the Polish tanks, not can for the most part, to penetrate the armor of Russian vehicles and armor Polish tanks cannot stop a modern Russian missiles. The only hope for the Polish army — a plan for the modernization of tanks “Leopard” 2A4 to version 2ПЛ,” writes one of the authors of the report.

The experts of the analytical center “Institute of Sobieski” in turn, I believe that Poland will not be able to create a modern tank, so she will have to find appropriate foreign partner who will agree to provide it with technology. Analyst presentation of the pavlushko (Wojciech Pawłuszko) reminds in this context of long-term programs for development of new tanks, which exist in France, Israel, South Korea or Turkey. He adds that Warsaw needs a partner who will not only offer technology, but will be ready to help the poles to work on improving the design of the machine.