The Vatican wakes up from quarantine opened the Saint Peter’s Cathedral (photos)

The main Catholic temple of the world was closed longer than two months

In the Vatican, where earlier, the coronavirus has infected the cardinalfor the first time in more than two months has opened for visitors the main Catholic temple of the world – the Cathedral of St.Peter, which had been closed since 10 March, that is 69 days.

As reported by Repubblica, an all-time quarantine Pope Francis spent only a service for Easter, which was attended by several people. The Liturgy also on this day took place in an empty square.

In addition, in the Cathedral, prayed daily, a small group of Vatican nuns.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary since the birth of the canonized in 2014 Pope John Paul II may 18, Pope Francis prayed at his tomb in the Basilica in the presence of about 30 parishioners, mostly the cardinals and monsignori.

It was the last mass which was broadcast on the network. All others will be held in the presence of people.

In the future, parishioners and pilgrims will be allowed in St. Peter’s Cathedral only with means of personal protection. It will be responsible for the gendarmerie of Vatican city and the volunteers of the order of Malta.

Before opening her Basilica disinfected.

Recall that he Pope Francis called a worldwide pandemic COVID-19 nature’s answer to is caused by human activities ecological crisis.

And how the Vatican took service during quarantine, watch the movie: