France once again closes schools due to new infections with coronavirus

Shortly after the release from quarantine in nice and other cities have closed several schools due to outbreaks of COVID-19

Shortly after France decided to resume the educational process in schools, a number of regions again closed the school for new cases of infection with coronavirus.

As announced on 18 may, the TV channel BFM, until may 28 closed private school in nice, where 11-year-old student passed test positive for coronavirus. Now teachers and other students who came in contact with him, needs to be tested, and the school fumigated.

Closed several schools in the municipalities of Soyo and La-Couronne – the teacher and the representative of the management of the school was discovered coronavirus. According to preliminary information, the infected “were not in contact with the children.”

In the Dordogne contracted school cook, in connection with which the lessons were postponed to a later date.

Recall that France occupies one of leading places in Europe in the spread of coronavirus-induced disease COVID-19. As of 18 may, the country discovered nearly 180 thousand infected, of which more than 28 thousand died.

Earlier this month the French Parliament finally approved a bill to extend until July 10, the emergency sanitary situation in the country in connection with the pandemic.

In this may 11, gradually began to resume the work of schools and kindergartens in the coming days plan to discover about 86% of 50.5 thousand schools. Accordingly, for school desks back more than 1.5 million of the 6.7 million students, and will work for half of the teaching staff.

At the same time, the Minister of research and innovation, France, Frederic Vidal said that the vaccine may not appear until autumn 2021.