In Moldova published the dirt on “friend of the Kremlin” Dodon: video

Moldovan President allegedly received money from the Kremlin, and from fugitive oligarch

A Pro-Russian President of Moldova Igor Dodon has received money from escaped from the former leader of the Democratic party Vladimir Plahotniuc, who allegedly asked for asylum in Ukraine.

As reported NewsMaker, at a press conference on may 18th was declared by the Deputy from fraction of party “Platform Dignity and Truth” Iurie Renitsa.

He has published a video from the meeting Plahotniuc and former Vice-head of the Moldavian Democrats Sergei Yaralov with Dodona, where the latter put the envelope with money.

Renitsa said that the anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office of Moldova has refused to initiate a criminal case on the financing of the party of socialists based on the video, and called the decision politically motivated.

In this regard, the MP promised to address the Prosecutor General of the country.

It is curious that Igor Dodon on the page in Facebook has denied the authenticity of this video, calling it “manipulative” and “mounted” and also spoke about the relationship of Renice Plahotniuc.

It should be noted that this is not the first corruption scandal with participation of the President of Moldova. Last June , the Moldovan Publika TV channel has published other videos from the talks Plahotniuc with the Dodon.

They discussed the carve-up of portfolios in the government between socialists and Democrats, as well as the closure of Russia’s Affairs against Plahotniuc in exchange for a federalization of Moldova. Another video of Igor Dodon has declared, that Russia is financing his party and spends at least a million dollars a month.

We will remind that in March in Chisinau held numerous protest – veterans of the war in Transdniestria was opposed to the rapprochement between the government of the ion chicu with Russia.

More about last year’s protests in the Moldovan capital and political crisis, which nearly plunged the country, watch the movie: