Theresa may not be saved with new slogans and appeals

After a few seconds after big Ben struck 10 PM, all naturally thought that Diane Abbott (Diane Abbott) pushed John Curtis (John Curtice) in the course of backroom conspiracy and took all the points in the exit polls.

No matter how many times we’ve been through seismic shifts in the elections, nothing will teach us to shocks. But for those of us who have found themselves on the wrong side during the 2015 General elections, Breccia in the election of trump, the fourth time was just charming.

When you write in the middle of the night, a familiar cocktail of disbelief and whiskey may sweeten a good deal of unfamiliar ecstasy (not to be confused with ecstasy, because the ecstasy is out of the realm of emotions). God only knows how this miracle took place, but almost all of the preconceived estimates and judgments that shaped the opinion of such idiots as I have clearly shown to be ineffective.

Britain can not be called steadfast center-right country, as evidenced by its long and painful history of elections. And Jeremy Corbin cannot be attributed to inept lovers, as many people think (if you really call yourself an idiot, then to the end; so I confess that here and proved the idiocy of joining this a lot). His journey from veteran backbenchers to party leader incredible as a disney movie. Now a violent Tory press, which mercilessly attacked Corbin, surprising in its cruelty even to your humble servant, which explores her work for many years, can no longer terrorize the population in its sole discretion.

At the moment when I write these lines, confusion stuns me nothing less than joy.

It seems that the tories, with great difficulty, will be able to form a minority government. The bad news for the average Briton is that we will soon have through all of that again — perhaps in autumn.

This was a stunning defeat for the conservatives, despite the numerical superiority in seats and votes, and a glorious victory for labour, although they lack the mandates and votes. In our country political miracles it is quite natural.

10 days before the start of negotiations about the divorce with the EU (though now they probably will be delayed) is clear only that a) over Brexton there hung a dense fog of uncertainty and b) soon we will have a new Prime Minister.

Some time in the night it seemed that it will be a man with a beard and a bike. 1 hour 19 minutes a night (it was a surreal event that requires such pedantic precision) Jeremy Corbyn became a favorite on the betting exchange Betfair and can now apply for the post of Prime Minister.

It didn’t last long. Nevertheless, even if Corbin will have to wait for a second chance to kiss the Royal hand in the glove, what he achieved yesterday, is superior to the victory of the trump in its improbability.

As soon as Corbin made his victory speech in London, Theresa may delivered his speech in Maidenhead. Attaching to the face of a brave smile after a humiliating defeat, she is as brave Icarus hinted that will continue to fight in the name of “stability.” Bless her Lord for she again got on Board of the ship, plastered with slogans and appeals once the boat may have hit an iceberg of its own making and went to the bottom. But it is hard to imagine how she will survive until July day that marks the anniversary of her tenure in Downing street.

But at least Mei has a response to the case, if it’s going to ask about those disgusting things she had done. It’s highly unlikely it’s any consolation. Although the Daily Mail and The Sun took her by the Messiah, now they know that this priestess of arrogance — just a naughty girl. This unforgettable evening has become very popular the message that Rupert Murdoch angrily left the party for the election as soon as the screen appeared the survey data. People disobeying the instructions of the old monster was just amazing innovation in the day when things have changed.

The game returned to Boris Johnson, and he will begin to maneuver in order to win the fight for the seat may (fight it will be presumably with interior Minister amber Rudd (Amber Rudd), who felt great relief). The Parliament returned Vince cable (Vince Cable), and he will fight with another returnee ed Davey (Ed Davey) in an attempt to change funny Tim Farron (Tim Farron) on the post of Deputy leader of an elite corps of liberal Democrats. Nick Clegg (Nick Clegg) — a good and civilized man, and he will be missed. Farage (Nigel Farage) has threatened another comeback to defend Breaksit of your dreams.

Brakcet PACSICOM, but the most dramatic change will be a dramatic shift of the political center to the left. The criminal underfunding of the social sphere and health care will come to an end. At the very least, funding will significantly increase. The idea that the poor, the disenfranchised and the disadvantaged can safely ignore those for whom austerity is a code word for indifference, too, will come to an end.

And solved one of the oldest mysteries of democratic politics: young people can be made to haul our butts off the couches and to the polls if to worry and to give her a realistic hope for a brighter future and a more just society.