The United States built the “smart” nuclear bomb – Newsweek

The United States built the best “smart” nuclear bombs capable of replacing four previous models. And as of last month, it’s ready for use. This writes Newsweek, reports

As noted, the U.S. air force announced the successful conduct of the inert tests of the updated version of its main nuclear gravity bombs – the B61 in March. It happened during the upgrade process the second in the world nuclear Arsenal. The process began in the background of the initiative of President Donald trump to reconsider the nuclear capabilities of the United States. During the tests, updated the B61-12 was dropped on the training ground in Nevada to evaluate its system of fire control, radar altimeter, its rocket engines and computer control.

The B61-12 should replace the four previous versions of the bomb: the B61-3, -4, -7 and -10. Production of the new American bombs should commence prior to 2020 under the program of extending the operation of the nuclear Arsenal of the Center Voyenno-air nuclear forces of the United States and the Department of nuclear safety U.S. Department of energy.

“The B61-12 will retain the current capabilities of the air branch in the triad of U.S. nuclear strategic forces. It can be used as on Board the bombers and planes dual-purpose that support forces NATO”, – said the Director of the air branch of the nuclear division of the US air force Gender Uo.

The B61-12 will be compatible with a number of U.S. aircraft, including B-2A Spirit, B-21 Raider, F-15E Strike Eagle, F-16C/D and F-16 MLU Fighting Falcon, F-35 Lightning II and PA-200 Tornado.

The publication writes that technology is the new bomb allows you to hit targets with precision up to 30 meters. More modest than its predecessors, the power will also allow you to apply more precise strategic strike with less radioactive emissions.

The publication notes that in the framework of the 10-billion program extending the capacity of weapons of 1.4 billion will go to the production 500 bombs B61-12. In General, the program of modernization of the American Agartala will cost the USA $ 400 billion until 2026.

Earlier it was reported that trump allows the resumption of the nuclear arms race.