Named type male figure who most excites women

Mass media very often replicate the “ideal” male figure: inflated torso, broad shoulders and tall height. But really like women, says the magazine Maxim.

According to analysts one of the most popular among users of Internet porn sites PornHub, women are more attracted to overweight partners with the hairy chest.

Experts came to this conclusion after examining the queries and the statistics of pornographic content on its website. Analyzing the search queries of users from around the world, experts have made corporal portrait of the so-called “perfect” men.


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Very popular was not slim and athletic men, and slightly overweight and hairy chest. This is the result, analysts get, combining two of the most popular women’s request on the portal – hairy (“hairy”) and daddy (“daddy”).

“You have overlooked a gym membership? Now it is possible to throw away,” the joke of the authors of the study.