“This is not a contest of dancing on the bones”: a statement Zelensky victory Day over Nazism

The head of state believes that veterans must be honored everyday, not just on may 9

President Vladimir Zelensky has honored this morning in memory of victims during the Second world war and went on a working visit in Transcarpathia. He also made a statement on the occasion of victory Day over Nazism.

“We will never forget the terrible price of victory. According to various estimates, a minimum of 50 million victims, of which more than eight million dead and tortured Ukrainians. Remembering all the horrors of that period, we do not war cult. And this important day is not an advertising campaign, not a competition of slogans, not a pompous dance contest on the bones. Because to commemorate the heroism of everyone who contributed to the victory, not the main volume, and sincerity”, he said.

Zelensky said that today the veterans of the Second world remained very little, and believe that they need to thank for the feat not only on 9 may, but every day.

“More than seven million Ukrainians in the anti-Hitler coalition opposed to Nazism as in their native land, and on different continents. Undoubtedly, the human feat is a passport. But the contribution of Ukrainians to the victory over Nazism – the biggest. And today, no one can privatize the victory, saying that it could have happened without Ukrainians. We must not forget, to be ashamed of and giving someone the deeds of their Ukrainian heroes”, – said the head of state.

The President stressed that after the Second world war, it took 46 years to Ukraine gained independence, and now in its sixth year protects her, this time from Russia.

As reported “Today”, yesterday, may 8, in Ukraine was another important date on the occasion of the Second world war – Day of memory and reconciliation. The President of Ukraine went to Lugansk region and visited the village of chalk, where the memorial complex “Ukraine – to liberators” paid tribute to the victims. Also Zelensky addressed on the occasion of Day of memory and reconciliation. He recalled that during the six years of the Second world war killed more than eight million Ukrainian.