Landsbergis about the Second world: Russia considers this war his right – she started and could not finish

The first Chapter of the Lithuanian Seimas underlined that Russia’s desire for conquest coming from the Stalinist era

Russia’s desire to own other people may end in a new world tragedy, said the father of the restored independence of Lithuania the first independent Chairman of the Lithuanian Seimas Vytautas Landsbergis. He said this during a special online discussion forum of the Kiev “War that lasts: the tragedy and lessons of world war II in the new reality”, organized by Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation “Open Ukraine”.

“Russia considers this war his war, even celebrates. Well, it’s right in the sense that Russia started this war and still can’t finish it” – said Landsbergis.

He is convinced that Russia still sought to conquer new territories.

“We need to see these aspirations of territorial conquest, which is reflected in the strange situation, when Russia, Russia today, has no border Treaty with Estonia, and thus with the European Union”, – said Landsbergis.

The father restored the independence of Lithuania stressed that such aspirations, Russia has been since the Stalin era.

“It was Stalin’s oath, the oath was given at the tomb of Lenin – is to expand the Soviet Union. Here you have a narrative of the war, and all subsequent. Because can not the people who rule there, to understand that peace is better than war. But peace cannot be achieved through force and imposition of wars. Here there is no peace, if no peace, no peace in the awareness and the desire to live in the world,” he said.

According to Landsbergis, the Second world war is still not completed: “Countries that were conquered in the course of military operations, and people who say not only the Baltic countries and Eastern Germany, were conquered. And conquered – so the war continues.”

“But the desire to own territories and conquer them again and again now almost best seen in the fate of the unhappy Ukraine. The war against Ukraine, which is conducted by Moscow with the use of mercenaries and proxy force is the continuation of the same war, how to preserve the Empire”, – said the first Deputy Chairman of the Seimas of Lithuania.

“Putin has openly said that his goal is to restore the Soviet Union. In the literal sense, but it didn’t, but there is a desire to re-expand. Not just sphere of influence, and possessions. In the end it is the ideology of communism is to own the whole world”, – he added.

“When Russia refuses this, she will probably be happier and more prosperous country for its people and peoples who now suffer from this distorted understanding of the goals of the state. Such purposes, the possession of peoples, countries and eventually the world is going to end the world’s tragedy,” – said Landsbergis.

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