Arakhamia explained why it is impossible to expel from “public Servants” disgruntled deputies

Arakhamia recognized that within the faction and is willing to leave her

A few months of its existence, the fraction of “servant of the people” mentioned scandals. We even wrote that there appeared its opposition. At the same time, the leader of the faction David Arakhamiya stated that it is undesirable to expel the MPs, because it will be destroyed monopolist in Parliament.

He said this in an interview with “New time”.

He believes a fatal mistake not imposed at the beginning of the imperative mandate (limiting the actions of the Deputy of any of the terms, breach of which his mandate can be revoked).

“It is now imperative mandate it is impossible to take, you have to be realistic. The imperative mandate to manage the faction would be much easier,” said Arakhamia.

“The servant of the people” was not enough votes on the bills: Kornienko said the reasons

According to him, the exclusion of deputies from the faction can severely hurt the political power even more than punished politicians.

“In fact, now rocking a faction, waiting for the exception. As soon as we eliminate one or two, then run 10-15-20 for any reason. And the reason the MP is easy to invent: they say, disagree with some political position, forced on him, and he always wanted different. As a result, we will fly monopolist and we will have to go with someone in the coalition”, – said the head of the faction, adding that “many want”.

As reported “Today”, recently the MP from the “Servants of the people”, Deputy Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on Finance, taxation and customs policy Andrey Holodov flew to Cyprus and missed five meetings of the Parliament.

Later, the “servant of the people” explain why flew to Cyprus and did not return to Ukraine. He noted that he planned to return immediately after surgery – March 17, he had a ticket for the flight Larnaca – Kiev, but the plans fell through.