Zelensky about the epidemic: Ukraine managed to avoid the worst scenarios

Authorities urged to continue to adhere to the restrictive measures that the quarantine was not in vain

President Vladimir Zelensky said the decline of the epidemic of coronavirus in Ukraine and called this a very positive trend. He said this during the traditional meeting on Bankova street, reports the Office of the President.

Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal said to the President about the record low percentage of people infected СOVID-19, relative to the total number of active patients is 3.5%. Also record the proportion of patients who are recovered to new patients: per day recovered 256 people, but infections found 366.

“Very positive trend. Thanks to diligent observance of the quarantine of Ukraine managed to avoid the worst scenarios. As we expected, the positive trend of the epidemic began during the week before weakening quarantine. In recent days, it is very important to comply with the restrictive measures to be as secure as possible to start with a quarantine,” – said Vladimir Zelensky.

In turn, the Ministry of health noted that there is a marked increase in the number of cases of asymptomatic course of the disease in Ukraine, which increases the risk of proliferation of СOVID-19. Therefore, it is recommended to comply with restrictive measures in the future.

As reported “Today” in terms of the all-Ukrainian quarantine will introduce new exemptions that relate to the operation of the business. The head of government stressed that the list is announced in advance, so entrepreneurs had to prepare for a job: to procure materials, hold a record of customers etc. Read more, who will be allowed to work since may 11.