Get brand new picture: who urged countries to investigate the early cases COVID-19

The case of patient zero in France was not surprised by the who

/ Photo: Pexels

After it became known about the zero case of coronavirus in France, the world health organization urged countries to check the records of cases of pneumonia of unknown origin, which could be COVID-19, including those who registered by the end of 2019. About it reports Reuters.

“The world health organization said on Tuesday that studies that COVID-19 appeared in France in December, that is, earlier than previously thought, not surprised, and encouraged countries to investigate any other suspected cases,” – said in the message.

It is noted that the first time China has reported a new virus 31 Dec. Prior to this it was believed that the disease spread in Europe in January.

“It gives a completely different picture about everything. The obtained results help to better understand the potential of virus circulation COVID-19”, – said the representative of the who Christian Lindmeier during a briefing of the UN in Geneva.

Lindmeier believes that these checks will give the world a new, a clearer picture of the outbreak.

We will remind, as of 17:00 on may 5 , the number infected with the coronavirus worldwide amounted to 3 606 038 people. Thus died 252 151 people, and recovered 175 1 616 people.

In addition, the world health organization believes that COVID-19 is of animal origin. Who welcomes efforts of all countries aimed at “clarifying the origin of the virus”. This involved several teams of specialists.