Energy audit: from the basement to the roof

Today conducted an energy audit of a residential building on a street in the Central part of Kiev. A year ago the house was created by OSBB. In some apartments it is very cold – up to 13 degrees in the cold. And to pay for the heat falls a lot. Accumulated problems – the old pipe, non-insulated walls, plundered the attic. And the tenants decided to carry out an energy audit, to restore order, to participate in the program 70/30, a comprehensive warm up and finally pay less.

We examined the utilities. Heat exchangers, tube – in poor condition, soiled and not insulated. Somewhere pipe was repaired poorly. The heat does not reach apartments, lost on the road. The system is unbalanced. A switch in the attic stolen. On the roof of the worn cover and began to grow the trees.

How much this house will be able to preserve the heat that you need to do to save on heating costs, how much it will cost and how to Finance energy auditors will write in his report. Some of the activities can be performed through the mechanism of Energoservis.

The shady side of the house

House of 35 years. Looks good, if you did not look and not delve into the details. With a thermal imager will work with the shady side of the house, not a warm morning spring sun.

Defective insulation on the balcony

What is hidden from prying eyes – poorly insulated balcony. Through the red spot of poor insulation in the mounting location of the air conditioning heat is lost.

The heat exchanger is large, but old

A common problem is not winterized utilities. Insulation protrude and poured like sand. To insulate insulator should be all up to the valves. Where the insulation is broken – lost heat. As a result, in apartments cold, and in the basement hot. It should be the opposite.

Inside the heat exchanger

Inside the heat exchanger consists of a special tube through which passes hot water. Because of the salt content in the water – heat exchangers become clogged, they should be cleaned periodically. Ideally, before every heating season. Violation of isolation on the heat exchanger provides a better look at his condition. We will analyze them.

The electrical shield from the electric pump

The electrical network in the building in decline. Something stolen, something stranded as they could. This flap is responsible for the operation of the electric circulation pump that draws the building’s hot water.

The red – heating of the contacts

Due to the fact that the wires are twisted as a hit, they heat up. Moreover, that from this lost electricity, and fire. Do not touch! You can see with a thermal imager.

Narrowing of the tubes

These pipes enter the heat carrier from the boiler in the house. Once upon a time there was a car accident and had to fix. For larger diameter pipes welded to a smaller diameter. It may have a negative impact on the heating in the house.

Red – the flow of the coolant into the house. Green – the return

The capacity of the pipe decreased. People began to receive less heat.

Sensor ambient air temperature

Right above gas pipe you can see a white tube with a sensor on the end. He goes to an electronic controller of the heat supply in the basement. A common mistake is the installation of sensors directly above the doors of the boiler room and under the balcony, where, under the ledge of the accumulated heat from the wall. Here is the heat distorts the sensor readings. The sensor “thinks” it’s warm, and gives a false signal that the apartments need to give less heat. In the end, people are freezing. Hang the sensors in locations where they will not effect the heat from the building! There, where no one gets the sun and is not affected by other weather factors, e.g. wind.

Know-how instead of the normal insulation in the attic

The pipes in the attic should be insulated. Residents OSBB some put things in order, and repaired what we could and improvised means. So the wool does not unravel. But for the normal effect, all you need to do efficiently. Next grey insulation – insufficient quality, its thickness is insufficient. Skinuvshis such insulation, the residents lost money.

Cut all the way

The objective of this panel is to save lives in case of fire. But while the building was in the management of the housing Department, all managed to plunder and cut. Now fire smoke exhaust system bled. It just will not turn on.

The exhaust fan with a motor

To make this system working again – it is necessary to make a repair. Miraculously preserved engine.

Roofing material blowing in the wind

The roof should be covered with quality roofing. But this was done long ago. All leaky. On the roof you need to cover the waterproofing again. Otherwise, under the flap gets wet, the ceiling of the attic will start to grow mold and fungus. And the roof loses more heat. And no one needs.

Soon it will be possible to drink birch juice

On the roof in some places have already formed a forest cover. Trunks already so strong that soon they will have to cut and uproot.

Good old cast-iron battery

The batteries in the flats were very large. But they do not save the occupants from cold, when the building energy system is unbalanced. There are 28.5 degrees. The apartment itself is 18.5 degrees. Fresh. Elderly people uncomfortable. “Freeze,” they say, even though it’s spring.

The simplest communication is a notice in the Elevator

The cost of energy depending on the size of the building can be from 9 to 15 thousand UAH. If more than 180 apartments, with each it will be sufficient to pay about 100 UAH. In this house the first step towards energy efficiency have already been made.

Thermal imaging photos on the memory

When conducting an energy audit the calculations assume the number of guests in the house of the people. Generally, a person produces about 70-80 watts of energy.

Well, a survey of the building carried out. And this is only 10% of what what is an energy audit. Further painstaking work with documents, data analysis. Two weeks is the expected outcome – the report on the energy audit. All calculations and recommendations. If tenants are to adhere to and carry out energy efficiency measures, you can save money on heat and make your life more comfortable. It is considered that buildings of Soviet construction can save up to 60% of heat, if done correctly. Accordingly, the same amount will decrease bills each tenant.

For financing energy efficiency measures tenants may try to attract money from the city for the program 70/30. But we must understand that 30% of the money must collect all the neighbors in the house. Can get a Bank loan. And to pay interest on it – regardless of whether the achieved energy savings or not. And can use the mechanism of energy – to conduct the energy renovation of buildings through energy service companies (ESCOs), which will perform all work on warming and modernization of engineering systems “turnkey”. And you can try to combine all kinds of financing. The desire of residents to improve their home.