Novabudova – Builder with an impeccable reputation that is trusted!

But practice proves that it is not so easy, as not all Kiev construction companies can be trusted. How to choose a really reliable Builder?

Should be guided by the duration of its construction activities and a number of successfully built and commissioned in time objects.

Why does the developer “Novabudova” – one of the best?

Investment and construction company “Novabudova”, began construction of residential real estate back in 2005, is a major developer with a good reputation.
The company has 18 leased in period homes, housing which is of high quality and meet the European standards.

The newly constructed residential complexes
Developer of the “Novabudova” actively built the Ukrainian capital and other cities of the country real estate of the European format. Latest the developer are two built in Kiev residential complex “Shchaslyvyi” (one is located at Sofievskaya Borshchagovka, the second in the Peter and Paul Borshchagovka) and the residential complex “Shchaslyvyi”, which was erected and put into operation in Lviv.
The developer of “Novabydova”, more of which you can find on this website cares about the comfort of the tenants, so it is always pays special attention to the construction of local neighborhoods. To make the lives of residents brighter and more beautiful, the developer has taken care of the creation in some residential complex underground Parking and constructing. Walking through the Park area, which the developer had carefully chosen, residents will be able to enjoy clean air, singing birds and a riot of greenery. In addition, in some developments the developer has provided a school and a kindergarten, thus creating for residents maximum comfort .

Why it makes sense when choosing a Builder to stop the development of the company “Novabudova”?

Construction-investment company “Novabudova” has a number of advantages compared to other developers. Namely:

  • Acquiring at any stage of the construction of housing in any of the residential complexes Builder “Novabudova”, the buyer receives iron guarantee that the house will be completed in a timely manner. Their reliability, the company argues the presence of a full package of permits and a large list of time commissioned houses.
  • All residential complexes are notable for good location (proximity to important infrastructuring facilities, transport interchanges).
  • The developer selects for the construction of a peaceful green areas which will allow residents to feel at one with nature, but at the same time geographically located in the immediate vicinity of the metropolis.
  • Construction and investment company do not overprice in the construction and commissioned the estate. Therefore, the competitive prices make housing developer interesting for residents and investors.