Dozens of members of Parliament may be deprived of payments due to absenteeism: list

The deputies who miss 30% of the vote, shall not be reimbursed parliamentary activities

Earlier we wrote how the MPs went to the Parliament at the beginning of the quarantine. In April, the attendance improved a little, but “wag” had had enough too. As a result, 60 deputies will not receive payments for April, as we missed a third of the votes.

It is reported “SUPPORT”.

We will remind, according to the recently changed legislation, now the attendance of MPs is not measured by their presence in the Parliament, and participation in voting in the session hall. Even if the MP is in the building of Parliament, but he did not participate in the vote, it is considered that it was not at the meeting.

In addition, the deputies who miss 30% of the votes, will not be reimbursed the costs associated with the performance of their parliamentary authority for the relevant calendar month. The decision will be taken by the regulation Committee.

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According to the “SUPPORT” in April, 60 members missed 30% of votes in Parliament, so paying them does not “Shine”.

At the same time, 100% of the polls missed a number of MPs, in particular Andriy Kozhemyakin (“Fatherland”), Andrew Cold (“servant of the people”), Anzhelika labunska (“Fatherland”), Mustafa Dzhemilev (“European solidarity”), Vadim Stolar (OPSG), Oleg Makarov (“Voice”), Victor Baloga (“future”).

As reported “Today”, even before the quarantine, in February, only two members participated in all polls. Most actively voted the deputies of the “public Servants” and “the Voice” – an average of one Deputy joined the 80% of the votes, as well as “European solidarity”, which took part in 72% of the vote.