Welcome to the era of the world of cynicism

In modern warfare there is no “good”: the elite are brutal in pursuit of goals that are in their own best interests. So for trump, Putin, Erdogan and ISIS (declared a terrorist organization and banned in Russia — approx. ed.) evil is only what opposes their power. But the people who support them, will receive only blood, sweat and tears.

It is a mistake to assume that in politics, good and evil played any particular role in history: from Alexander the great to the tramp, from Caesar to Putin, from Tamerlane to Erdogan, from Genghis Khan to XI Jinping’s violent historical characters, whose names are forever carved into the marble of history, has always acted outside the categories of good and evil.

In the field of the philosophy of history, I am of naegeliana: I believe that all that happens is the operating force. The politician believes that he is controlling it, while in reality he is under her influence. Is that in his “philosophy of history” Hegel calls the “cunning of reason”. The big man believes that he is doing history when he created the history of…

I said this before elections, during elections and after the elections, once in Le Point, another time in L Obs, repeated in other publications and on television: the tramp — “a blow-up doll of capitalism.” I predicted that he would not keep their promises, that should not be afraid of him and his quackery, because he once again will be those who never ceased to be, what are all the presidents of the United States, — a mere toy in the hands of capital. I had no idea that my innocence will be recognized so soon!

Immediately after his election victory trump, in fact, spoke well of Hillary Clinton, which during the campaign threatened to put me in prison as soon as elected; then he refused to cancel the Obamacare program, despite the fact that it was his favorite horse during the campaign; finally, it strikes bombing on Syria, after all possible sites in the world shouting that it the United States out of all conflicts in the world! No, we have never caught unawares this man who, like Obama, like other Democrats and Republicans (in equal measure), shows who he really is: a puppet in the hands of capitalism.

Policy not apply the program, they are subject to the program, which makes possible their very existence. So, the “Islamic state” is exclusively the result of foreign policy of the Americans in the middle East, at least since 1991. It began with the destruction of Iraq, followed by the destruction of the regimes (of course, authoritarian but secular), which inhibited the predictable pressure of Islamic terrorism, then Libya and exactly the same Syria. Following this, the formed world of chaos, provoked by the decisions of George W. Bush, who today writes terrible pictures, exhibiting his paintings in galleries, takes first place in the rankings of best-selling books with the catalog of his scenic base products, while he would have to answer for their actions before the International criminal court, if not for life to rot in a prison for war criminals or perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

Under the false pretext that Iraq threatened the West with weapons of mass destruction, which, in fact, the state had no, the West has created chaos, beneficial to the prosperity of the terrorists (they do exist outside the concepts of good and evil), under the program of American imperialism. This Iraq did not threaten us, because France provided it with nuclear electrostantsiya, technical assistance, weapons and fighters, and in exchange for them Saddam Hussein financed the presidential election campaign in France, this ruined Iraq is now the perfect breeding ground for the “Islamic state”, and it is already threatening really. What was it Colin Powell (Colin Powell), the person that spread this information around the world, and then recognize that 3 Mar 2003 he lied? Nothing…

In this context, opportunities for Erdogan — who has long begged that his country took part in the liberal Europe, so he could impose his will, while supporters of European enlargement had intended to impose on him their own, — the hour has come to wash away traces of insults for this refusal. And now he openly threatens Europe, addressing the Turks living in different countries of the European space that they would have to resort to a demographic weapon to shift the influence in Europe in its favor. Erdogan refers to the Germany of Angela Merkel as a “Nazi”, and, despite this, France is emissaries of the Turkish dictator on its territory, to enable them to conduct propaganda in its favour in the framework of its project to legitimize his position of dictator, with the blessing of the Cohn-Bendit (Cohn-Bendit) and its European supporters, useful idiots of Islamism.

At the same time, hoping to wash away traces of the humiliation of the lost Soviet Empire, Putin takes Russia’s Breasts, claiming that he wants to restore the dignity of a great power that everyone is afraid of, and neither he nor his fellow oligarchs do not forget about the more than profitable trades. At the time he offered the Alliance of Western Europe, but was refused. Thus, Putin began to seek support in other places, but found her beyond liberal Europe, and then went against it.

We understand that in all this there is neither good nor evil, there are other categories that refer not to moral moralistic basis, but rather related to the physics or mechanics of threads, Good and Bad.

In accordance with this dynamometer, running quite far from confessing, Good is anything that allows you to implement the program, even if it is in the common language refers to a category of Evil; the Bad is what prevents or hinders implementation of the program, even in conventional terms it belongs to the category of Good.

Someone Leon Trotsky thought a lot about this rough logic in the article “Their morals and ours.” What was evil in the bourgeois order (deport, destroy, lock, prosecute, execute, terrorize, and so on), it was good right revolutionary. We know what happened next, we know how it ended, when for the Sake killed hundreds of millions of people…

So, Putin’s destruction of Chechnya is Good, because it is necessary for the project realization, namely: the eradication of Islam in the entire territory of Russia or the former zone of Soviet influence. And here it is the whole point of the Ukrainian question and the annexation of Crimea. Everyone knows that it’s the Good and the Evil according to Christian morality, which incidentally, he refers to kissing the hands of the most senior in the country, Orthodox priests in front of lenses and cameras all over the world.

Obviously, we live in an era of cynicism: once politicians hid their toughest plans under humanitarian pretexts. Who would dare to oppose the protection of the rights of man and the spirit of humanity or the right to intervention if the media all over the world from “Doctors without borders” made heroes, and the rice bags were distributed before the party in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, after fleetingly popped in for a TV broadcast the evening news to say that we are not engaged in politics and humanitarian assistance?

Who else would believe that Bernard-Henri lévy (Bernard-Henri Lévy) deals exclusively with human rights when it is in the forefront with those who under the pretext of avoiding completely speculative mass murder, gives advice to the organizers of the very real mass murder in Libya? Who else thinks that Bernard Kushner (Bernard Kouchner) was calculated solely to honor their professional medical ethics and the once the Hippocratic oath, when it gave its nod to the war that the US is waging around the world?

I also can’t forget the fake debates in the media about the concept of “just war” (it was created by the fathers of the Church, who strove thus to justify and legitimize the Christian imperialism and its absolute power on the planet) during the First Gulf war. I said this in 1991, almost a quarter of a century ago: “a just war is, rightly speaking, the war…”

Therefore, we have not entered a new era: we just changed the irony of “just war” asylum “human Rights,” sarcasm “Right to intervene” to outright cynicism, which leads to the Alliance between politicians and arms dealers, to the fact that senior officials become accomplices in the struggle for control and the hidden plunder of the countries of subordinates in the name of fighting terrorism, and the leaders of major powers and their accomplices-a billionaire, in addition to weapons, own the media, industry, banks, controlling the finances, and in their billing statements (if not their feet) are high-ranking politicians.

The evidence of this worldwide cynicism, the United States emerged due to the emergence of the Internet alternative sources of information. When the owner of Newspapers in addition is also an arms dealer, how is it possible to imagine that, in its daily edition will be given objective information about geopolitics, geostrategy, wars on our planet?

But here it is again, a trick of the mind — the people who support trump, Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, are mistaken in thinking that these people will restore their honor, loss, dignity and power. They will be all the same, that the people have seen since then, as the world is a world of blood, sweat and tears.