“Time Golovanov”: guest of the program – Dmitry Gordon

Main topics – mitigation of quarantine and madrepora

On the TV channel “Ukraine 24” continues the socio-political project “Time Golovanov“.

  • The easing of quarantine: what is allowed in different cities of Ukraine?
  • Small and medium-sized businesses can prepare for the opening: are the entrepreneurs and what losses they suffered?
  • Medical reform: how to change hospital financing and what will change for ordinary Ukrainians?
  • USA VS China: who is to blame for the pandemic of coronavirus?
  • High profile case: whether to wait for the “landing”?

These themes Vasily Golovanov will discuss with the guest of the program – journalist Dmitry Gordon.

Look today “Time Golovanov” at 21:00 on channel “Ukraine is 24”.

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