The convulsions of the Russian soul

In the vast Russian expanses once in a while reborn affliction fanatic and great power. It, like delirium, are accompanied by specific symptoms: sectarian religion, dreams of a superhuman leader, the activity of the secret police. Now we are again seeing strange signs in heaven and earth: the spread of sects has even alarmed the Russian leadership.


Between crisis and resurrection of the Empire in Russia has always come alive quesetions beliefs, raises questions about whether it was possible in this country Christianization. Every few decades, observers notice increased activity of religious sects and exotic groups of fanatics who have maimed themselves, resort to violence, reduce their own life and professed pseudo-Christian values. This kind of transition: the bridge that leads from weakness to strength.


On the eve of the Bolshevik revolution Ferdinand Ossendowski (Ferdynand Ossendowski) was engaged in a distant Russian province, a study of religious communities: some worshiped the hole drilled in the wall of a wooden house, the other fell into a demonic trance at the sight of their comrades, who were cut before cool icons. At the same time experienced the heyday of the atheistic sects, people debunked God and the Bible, praised Cain and Judas indulged in homosexual orgies that bashful years of the beginning of XX century was unthinkable.


Similarly, in our modern XXI century is difficult to imagine the deification of the President. However, in January 2012 zamirotochila icon of St. Vladimir of Putin, which, as mentioned, is a proof of the truth of the faith women of the sect mother fotinia. In 2007, in a cave near Perm, taking the food and water supply, barricaded a group of 33 people, including four children. They were waiting for the Apocalypse, intending to commit collective suicide. When the founder of the sect of Peter Kuznetsova was placed in a psychiatric hospital, his followers were persuaded to leave the shelter and return to a normal life. Four years ago Peter Pomerantsev described the various gurus, one of whom believed himself to be God (his birthday falls on Christmas day), the other was up to humanity a completely new language, and the third was looking for supernatural powers and signs. In March 2017 has begun the process of Alexander Kurenkov, the founder of the sect, in which he raped women and children with the tacit consent of their husbands and fathers. The disappearance of young Russians are often associated with the activities of various quasi-religious groups.

This disaster has reached such proportions that in February 2017 the Russian Federation Council has established a special working group to combat “destructive sects” (to get a bead all the sects is physically impossible). The press and some information portals have warned about the existence of danger, but few of us try to find the causes of this spiritual tragedy.


Meanwhile, the epidemic of sadomasochistic and apocalyptic sectarianism can be a attempt to hide from a caller the disappointment of reality and an omnipresent nihilism or to fill the void that emerged after the collapse of the Communist ideology, which, as proven by most Sovietologists, was the ersatz religion and filled human existence meaning. In a time when people are ready to commit suicide, expecting the world to end, or allow you to mock your loved ones, they will be able with fanatical enthusiasm to accept any doctrine that will give a broken society with a sense of mission.


Imagine that the Russians this time? The St. Hippo Eurasianism of Alexander Dugin? National Bolshevism, of the danger which warns Latvian politician and Director Edvins Snore (Edvīns Šnore)? The idea of combining the post-Soviet space or to the custody of all ethnic Russians? In any case, our security will be threatened.


Moscow’s little argument that it can convince people that Russia is to live and work. The standard of living she is ranked 61 out of 67 (a rating portal Numbeo). This indicator is primarily formed on the basis of the estimates of the inhabitants of the different States, which does not portend the Russian Federation any good. Life expectancy and the birth rate in Russia — one of the lowest in Europe, at the same time there is the most acute problem of alcoholism.

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Satanic cults are inferior in popularity only to one deity, Vladimir Putin. Thanks to him Russia has stability, whereas the West cover all of the new crises: Brakcet, migrants, anti-democratic hysteria around Donald trump, and finally, the war with “little green men” in Ukraine, where the Kremlin allegedly did not participate. All these troubles can be contrasted with the image of Putin on a horse mighty and dignified foreign policy. Once the state fails to achieve prosperity in the real world, maybe she has some chance in the world beyond, and the President, like Pharaoh, will become a bridge to a better future?


Internet offensive of the Kremlin is not limited to the activities of trolls. Edward Lucas (Edward Lucas) writes about the increased activity of the Russian cybermafia and criminal groups on the Internet. One Russian hacker group (CyberVor) has managed to steal 1.2 billion usernames and passwords used in digital transactions. When the Russian agents can not cope with the Western defence system, Russia hires hackers who are professionally engaged in breaking them. Returns the time of the middle Ages, when anyone could start their own mercenaries. Lucas enumerates the different organizations of this kind (Energetic Bear, Red October) and indicates that many of them firmly associated with the biggest government in the world. This hireling acts Andrew Kadyrovsky who is willing not only to provide professional services, but also to occupy a particular political position. Here are excerpts from his Manifesto: “In our veins flows the hot blood, we — the citizens who want to make a difference in the world. (…) We will give adequate [what is that?] response to the Western globalism. Become fighters for justice! (…) Together we can do much to regain what was taken from us America.” So, computer mercenaries is not only interested in the money.


In the Russian social network Vkontakte multiplying “group of suicides”. From the ranks of desperate young people easy to recruit new fanatics, because the painful hatred of the West is able to feed not only the radical Muslims.


If in former times the Russian heretical ideas spread with the speed merchant convoys or trains on the TRANS-Siberian railway, then Lenin was able to draw this process in a large-circulation press and mobile cinemas. It gave an astonishing result: the Soviet mentality is hammered into the minds of the media. If the Kremlin’s new religion I’ll start to emerge today, in the Internet age, it can lead to even more apocalyptic consequences.