The results of the week in numbers: 69% of Ukrainians have never been abroad


212 billion.

managed to get out of the shadow economy since the beginning of the year due to the increase in the minimum wage up to 3200 UAH. according to the Ministry of social policy. “If last year the Pension Fund received a grant of 145 billion UAH. and had own revenues – 112 billion, then the – 141 billion subsidy and 142 billion of its own revenues. Exceeding $ 20 billion. In fact, we get no 142, and 162 billion,” said Minister Andriy Reva.

69% of Ukrainians

never been abroad, only 13% have been abroad in the last 12 months. This is evidenced by the results of survey company Research & Branding Group.

only 12% of bills

submitted by deputies since the start of the current Parliament, become law – 344 of 4634. Submitted by the President of the 117 projects, 97 laws, according to the civil network “SUPPORT”.

will not grow by 19%

the price of gas for the population, as proposed “Naftogaz of Ukraine”. When approving the financial plan of the company the government the price was left unchanged.

increased by 1,7766%

to 85,6215% share of the unified social tax (Ust), received at the Pension Fund at the expense of funds of compulsory social insurance – such decision was taken by the government. It is expected that this will increase revenues to the Pension Fund at UAH 19.9 billion. until the end of 2017, but due to the overall increase in revenues of ERUs, budgets of social security funds will remain at the same level.

194 units of specialized equipment

received units of the police of the National police of Ukraine of the OSCE in the framework of the project “enhancing the capacity of cyberpolice”.

increased by 7.3%

for the first half of the retail turnover in comparable prices compared to the same period in 2016, said state statistics Committee. In June compared to may of the current year this index decreased by 1.9% compared to June-2016 – increased by 9%.

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UAH 200 million.

additionally, government will allocate funding of the program “Affordable medicines”, said Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko. In this program participate 6,200 pharmacies. June was funded by 1.5 million prescriptions, and the beginning of the program, 3.6 million

44 Ukrainian athlete

guaranteed to take part in the world Championships in athletics, which will be held in August in London, another seven people are still in the waiting list of the International Association of athletics federations.

decreased by 24.2%

in June in annual terms, the average size of assigned subsidies for reimbursement for payment zhilishchno-utilities on one household, up to UAH 164,9. – according to data of the state statistics. In January-June of subsidies addressed 6 million of 329,7 thousand households, which is twice more than in January-June, 2016 With the beginning of the year subsidy of 3 million 667,1 thousand households, which accounted for 57.9% of the total number of families who applied for subsidies. Compared to the corresponding period in 2016, the number of households who have been assigned subsidies increased by 573,4 million, or 18.5%.

will grow by 70%

wages of regional and local prosecutors, and administrative officials – 30% after signature by the President, the Verkhovna Rada adopted amendments to the state budget. The regional Prosecutor, who received at the hands of 23-33 thousand, will have this “fork” in the amount of 27 – thousand 44 the Prosecutor of the regional Prosecutor’s office instead of 10-15 thousand will get from 15 to 26 thousand the attorney General and his assistants get an increase of 30%. It was reported that the salary of the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko in may 2017 was 63 185 UAH, up he got 50 864 UAH.


To 524.7 million.

of loans refinancing, the banks have returned in the first half of the National Bank. During this same time, the guarantee Fund has implemented collateral in the amount 304,7 million UAH, the NBU has already received 142 million the Amount of debt of the Ukrainian banks to the NBU on refinancing loans by 1 January 2017 was $ 74,828 billion UAH, which is 31,031 billion, or 29.3% less than on January 1, 2016.

reduced by 26%

coal consumption of thermal power plants (TPP) and combined heat and power (CHP) of Ukraine in January-may compared to the same period in 2016. Such a significant reduction in coal consumption associated with the suspension of supplies from the zone ATO of anthracite coal group. In 2016, TPPs have increased coal consumption by 9.4% .


made up the share of coal gas group thermal power plant in January-June of 2017, said the head of Dmitry NKREKU wolf. In 2013, the share of consumption of coal gas group was 51.1 percent, anthracite, 48.9 per cent. In the past years, the proportion was 61.4 percent to 38.6 percent.

decreased by 5.7%

stocks of coal in storage (TES in the period from 10 to 17 July – 2 314,6 million tonnes the coal reserves in warehouses TPP increased by 19.1% to 236 thousand tons.

$15 million

investing international Finance Corporation (IFC) Emerging Europe Growth Fund III to support small and medium enterprises in Ukraine. The target Fund size of $150 million, the Fund will help expand access to Finance for small and medium enterprises. EBRD intends to invest $30 million to the Fund.

to increase 11.2%

the rate of excise tax on alcohol and tobacco products offers a Fireplace with 1 January 2018. In addition, the rent rate for subsoil use for purposes not connected with mining of minerals, the rent for specializovana water and rent for the use of forest resources will be raised by 16.8%.

1.25 million tons of grain

as of July 19, exported to Ukraine since the beginning of the 2017/2018 marketing year (July-June). In 2016/2017 MG exported 43.8 million tons of grain.

The world

$20.1 billion

on such amount from the beginning of the year, the Chinese company announced the purchase of or investment in the nine seaports worldwide, the study by the London investment Bank Grisons Peak. A year earlier, according to estimates by the Financial Times, China’s investment in projects related to foreign ports totaled $9.97 billion.


about $450 billion

companies around the world lost in 2016 because of cyber attacks, according to a study of Lloyd’s of London. “As the cyber threat grows, the demand for cybertronia increases. Team Lloyd’s of London estimates that the global market cybertronia is $33.5 billion,” – said in the report. Insurers ‘ premiums for cibertribunal in 2016 increase of 35% compared to the year 2015.

minus 0.1%

such a negative interest rate again kept the Bank of Japan (i.e. the client must pay the Bank for keeping his Deposit). Negative interest rate was introduced by the Central Bank of the country in January 2016. It was also decided to continue to assess the yield on 10-year government bonds at a level close to 0%.

at 0%

left the base rate of the European Central Bank. Remains unchanged and the stimulus program – the ECB will continue to spend monthly 60 billion Euro to purchase assets until the end of the year, and, if required in 2018. “We finally are seeing a positive trend. It remains only to wait until wages and prices will follow the same course on the way to our goal,” – said the head of the ECB, Mario Draghi.