Scientists have discovered are good for the brain property of beer

Scientists from Austria found that beer helps people to think more creatively. The authors of this opinion have become the scientific staff of the Graz technical University. The journal Consciousness and Cognition has devoted one of the new publications that study, writes

The researchers selected volunteers from among the men and women, which were divided into subgroups. In them, participants were offered a beer that contains alcohol and non-alcoholic beer. Then the subjects took tests on convergent and divergent thinking, the results of which were evaluated by an independent jury.

Convergent thinking involves solving problems in accordance with the existing scheme known to man (e.g. by learning). Divergent thinking inherent in those who prefer to think creatively and unconventionally. The experiment showed that after the consumption of alcoholic beer, people have increased their composite creative thinking.

“Creative thinking of those who consumed alcoholic beer, improved by 40%, while the indicators of divergent thinking has remained unchanged,” – said the authors.


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According to them, creativity brain activity in humans increases, when the level of alcohol in the blood reaches the figure of 0.03% (this is 0.5 l of beer for men and 0.3 l for women).

We note that recently Russian scientists have stated that the frequently voiced claims about the use of alcohol is a consequence of the powerful lobby of the brewing giants.

We will remind, the student of the faculty of science, National University of Singapore have invented a new kind of sour beerthat is rich in probiotics, can neutralize toxins and viruses and support the immune system.