Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation provides expensive equipment to medical institutions of Ukraine

Support for Ukraine in difficult times during the pandemic continues

It allows to establish the diagnosis promptly. Analyzer PCR tests today – one of the most popular devices for diagnosing COVID-19. The Ukrainian lab was in great need of such equipment before. But today, during a pandemic, this issue is as relevant as ever. Because the apparatus allows you to secure as physicians, and patients. Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation provides such equipment. Last week, the analyzer received is one of the leading hospitals in Ukraine – the heart Institute.

Only patients and physicians. Others access to the Kiev heart Institute is prohibited. At the entrance – security, intra – increased security measures. Even in quarantine, the doctors do not stop to work and save lives.

“Operate for health reasons those patients who can’t wait. And despite the quarantine, we continue the work: this is the critical heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart attacks, congenital defects, thromboembolism, etc. That is, the condition where any delay may lead to irreversible events”, – said Boris Todorov, General Director of Kyiv heart Institute.

The number of operations from the beginning of the restrictions has decreased threefold. But there are those who are going, despite the cessation of long-distance transport. Variants only two: or to get to medical facilities on their own or to call an ambulance.

“Someone became ill, they do not wait for an ambulance, they got in the car, relatives brought them. In this case, of course, we still accept and operate as needed,” notes Todorov.

At the time of the epidemic at the heart Institute, there were several cases COVID-19. But in other specialized medical institutions patients were not sent. Because urgent treatment required heart disease.

“We had to open the facility to continue treatment of the cardiac pathology in parallel with COVID-19. Thank God, all alive, it was only a few people,” says Todorov.

Boris Todorov does not hide: to protect the staff and patients very difficult. Stocks of masks and biohazard suits was settled within two weeks of quarantine. Rapid tests today in the hospital. But to Institute badly needed PCR analyzer, and not only during the epidemic. Apparatus to determine whether the human body dangerous viruses, in particular COVID-19. One of such important and such needs a modern analyzer samples the heart Institute has received from the Fund of Rinat Akhmetov.

“We must pay tribute, every time we asked to buy some prosthesis or oxygen or some kind of device that we need for the children’s operation Fund comes to meet us, bought a lot of occluders. Today, the Foundation’s work is the salvation of tens , hundreds, thousands of lives. Thank you very much for your cooperation . This is not some virtual things, and is a real help specific people,” – emphasizes Todorov.

The analyzer is designed for accurate detection of coronavirus in the laboratory are automated and almost 100% eliminates the influence of human factor on the process and results of testing. Significantly reduces study time and eliminates the risk of errors.

“The Rinat Akhmetov on the personal decision of the founder purchases for public hospitals complex precision equipment. Including analyzers tests that you need for a quick definition: a person is sick or not. This is a very fast camera, because after taking the test before the result is less than two hours. And this is the machine that makes the tests not only on COVID-19, but in twenty other viruses and infections,” – said Natalia Yemchenko, member of the Supervisory Board of the Fund of Rinat Akhmetov.

The equipment is essential and after the epidemic of the coronavirus. This is a significant contribution to the development of Transplantology. The heart Institute is preparing for a transplant. Prior to transplantation it is on this analyzer carry out PCR. Do before each transfer.

“There was a donor, brain death was recorded, we need to do tests: he has hepatitis, he has some other viruses. And here such device allows to do it as quickly as possible. Plus, we need to determine the compatibility of donor – recipient. Whether acute rejection. Because in addition to blood groups – rhesus factor – there is also immunological compatibility to other options,” says Todorov.

The analyzer works on the cartridges – those test systems in which the country needs now. In only one week the device has carried out dozens of studies.

“It’s mainly high quality, is speed. The patient comes to our office and we spend the minimum time. We immediately explored it. Ease is very important. The main thing is to choose a program, put the cartridge and make sample – don’t need anything else,” says Natalia Korolchuk, head of clinical diagnostic laboratory of the Kiev Institute of heart.

Help for the long term. Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation during the pandemic provided the health facilities funds spetzashita, 300 thousand rapid tests, analyzers and ventilators. Work more effectively and after the epidemic of the coronavirus will also be able Mariupol laboratory, which has already received from the Fund analyzer with test systems, as well as Boxing Biosafety. Laboratory required resupply to function on a modern level. Last week the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation has provided physicians two types of centrifuge and thermostat. This equipment will also determine COVID-19.

“The correct diagnosis is further proper treatment. What we can determine, it prevents certain disease. In addition to the coronavirus we still have a lot of infections that exist, so this equipment we will certainly use it. I believe that today is more powerful and more powerful the Fund’s assistance not just in Ukraine. The Foundation works very seriously”, – said Vladimir Tereshchenko, head of Mariupol branch of the Donetsk regional laboratory center.

300 million UAH has allocated Rinat Akhmetov to fight the coronavirus in the country. The Fund is to provide expensive equipment to health facilities in the future. Support for Ukraine in difficult times during the pandemic continues.

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