Stepanov said that the ambulance should arrive in 10 minutes

Ukrainians must be assured that they will provide high quality medical care and timely

In Ukraine after the reform of medicine ambulance will have to come to the Ukrainians for 10-20 minutes. About it has told at a briefing the Minister of health, Maxim Stepanov.

According to him, Ukrainians should be sure that they provide quality medical care, and on time.

“What we want to see our medicine after the reform? I think that this question is able to answer every Ukrainian. This medicine, when you call “103” and you’re sure that in 10, maximum 20 minutes, the EMTs arrive and assist you. This medicine, when you go to the hospital, you’re confident, you will provide high-quality care, you will be cured, and you just save. Your life, your mom’s life, your father. It is a medicine to which we aspire all 30 years of our independence,” – said Stepanov.

As reported by news “Today,” Stepanov told about the catastrophic consequences of the second stage of medical reform. According to him, in its current form, the reform of medicine means a discharge of more than 50 thousand medical workers, and more than half of hospitals will receive less funding than last year.

It also became known that the salaries of physicians in Ukraine will add 11 billion. The head of the parliamentary Committee on the health of the nation Mikhail radutsky told when doctors salaries will increase by 50%.