Not over the curb

After three and a half centuries of our stay as the outskirts of the Empire we actually returned to the European home.

Fact to face — we came out from under the influence of Russia. Once and for all. Now Ukraine is de facto sphere of so-called priority of vital interests of Moscow. And although the Kremlin may be about it other views, framed by the propaganda for domestic consumption, but we do not care, because the fact remains — Ukraine mental, not really Russia, wrote in his famous book the second President of Ukraine. And the civilized world also now sees Ukraine a non-Russian. The decision of the European Parliament on bitwise for Ukrainians, adopted by an overwhelming majority, is proof of that. The EU has ceased to perceive Ukraine as something derived from Russia and the former USSR.

With all due respect to our neighbours, partners and allies of Ukraine the scale is not Moldova and Georgia. Without Ukraine in the post-Soviet space Empire is no longer possible. She simply sunk into Oblivion. And it happened on 6 April 2017. And it is symbolic that this good news came to us on the eve of the Annunciation.

Of course, the Ukrainian bezviz with the EU, unlike other countries passing through a similar procedure, today has a political connotation. But that connotation is fundamentally ideological. It is with such things the real start of the tectonic geopolitical changes. While we understand that in order to fill our a new form of real substance European needs at least another decade.

But still…

I remember in 2008, the Ukrainian writer Yuri Andrukhovych, predicting the European future of our country, said that the 2017 year will be key for Ukraine — the territory of our state will leave the black sea fleet, and then Russia will cease to pry into our Affairs, and we will become more intensely to move to the West. Although the forecast of Ukrainian classics has not yet fully come true, and I also, like him, believe that will come, including, and time of withdrawal of the BSF from the Ukrainian Crimea and Sevastopol, but even in the existing scenario, 2017 will certainly go down in history as a turning point. For us and for Europe, for Russia and for the world.

Yes, we are still not in the EU, while there is no tangible economic impact from the Association with the EU and Russian markets, sees God not according to our will, become available to us. But the country’s modernization and changes in the European coordinate systems is the transformation to the highest, I would say, the most innovative standards of lifestyle of modern human civilization. In the economy, in politics and in culture, but mainly on the mental level.

As the financier and the banker will say, perhaps sedition. Trust us today on Russian markets and the General economic context is not necessary. In the current geopolitical situation, it is simply irrational. Moreover, in the current environment, holding on to the past means not to have a future. And is there a future for Ukrainian-Russian relations?

This question today in the context of the Russian aggression in Donbas many cuts to the ear and sounds rhetorical. And yet I believe that sooner or later Russia will change. The pile of accumulated problems, of course, will remind of itself still for a long time. And the relationship can be restored only on the basis of full respect for the Ukrainian sovereignty and inviolability of our territories, as enshrined in the current Constitution of Ukraine, after the return of enterprises funds, restoration of destroyed infrastructure and more. But by the time when this happens, Ukraine will have completely different country. With a modern economy, effective energy self-sufficient, with a growing small and medium businesses, which will be the basis of welfare of citizens. And the main thing — Ukrainian society, which will have a completely different, far more from the Soviet patterns of thinking, a society that knows what freedom is and what it’s worth.

And while our country is still in the way, let’s get each other good luck, and most importantly — aging because although we are not behind the curb, but the further our way will be hard. There will be new challenges and difficulties. There will be murmurings, and complaints, the traditional “tradefirst” (well as without it), and some even disappointment and despair. But this temporary emotional background, sure, will dissolve in the rays of our common future success. All developed countries have gone a similar path. And we, unfortunately or fortunately, this is not special.

In Israel and feel proud when they say: where two Jews there are three opinions. We often somehow complain about the proverb: where two Ukrainians, there three Hetmen. Although, as for me, it is just unrealized leadership potential in our society. On the strength of individualism, the desire to be questioned, the thirst to have and Express his personal opinion about the readiness to defend it, even as their right to be free. With the right approach — the wonderful features of the national character. And now we have a great chance to creatively implement it. But, not destroying, but creating. However, it is necessary to show more assertiveness and a bit of self-discipline. And then all the rest for us, no question.