In April, the state budget once again did not get the money: not enough

Four months of this year, the state budget shortfall on income by 11.6% during this period did 314,98 billion UAH

After the March fall indicators budget revenues in April fell by 11.6%, the Treasury received only 103,95 billion, which is below last year’s figure by 7.1%. This information was published in the State Treasury service.

The Agency estimated that the General Fund budget received in April 90,94 billion, which is 15.7% less than the planned target and 12.6% below last year’s level over the same period.

During four months of this year, the state budget shortfall on income by 11.6% during this period did 314,98 billion.

In particular, the General Fund received 274,12 billion, which is 13.9% less than plan.

As noted by Treasury, customs in April brought to 19.55 billion. This is 36.4% less than planned. As compared to the same period of 2019 current rates of less than 22.7%.

From January to April, customs collected of 84.84 billion is 26.7% below the expected level and 16% less than in January-April of 2019.

While tax revenues in April amounted to 26,68 billion, which is 16.2% less than plan, and 6.9% below last year’s level.

Four months 2020 tax transferred to the state budget 137,51 billion, which is 7.8% less than plan, but 9.9% higher than in January – April 2019.

The reimbursement of value added tax (VAT) in April 2020 rose to 12 billion UAH (UAH 10,64 MRD – March), whereas in January-April of the current year budget, the reimbursement of VAT made up 51,45 billion.

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In General, the plan of tax and customs authorities in April fell 26.1 per cent, for four months, the shortfall amounted to 16.1%.

Revenues of local budgets in April 2020 has also suffered a decrease of 18.5%. They fell in comparison with the expected rate of 21.7% and amounted to 25.05 billion.

In four months, local governments have got 88,97 billion is 11.2% below plan and 3% more than in the same period last year.

Proceeds from the unified social tax (Ust) in the past month amounted to UAH 22.59 billion, which is 3.8% higher than in April 2019, and for three months, this figure increased by 8.5% to almost $ 92 billion.

Budget revenues are defined in 2020 in the amount of 975, 833 billion UAH (in particular, 855,4 billion UAH for the General Fund), costs – 1,266 trillion UAH (General Fund – 1,135 trillion UAH).

The “Today” wrote that the mayors of Ukrainian cities are interested to to “vacation credit” for projectsthat implement jointly with the world Bank, EBRD and other international financial institutions.

Internal quarantine measures can contribute to inflation, the budget deficit and cash gaps of the Pension Fund. This was told in the Ministry of economic development, trade and agriculture. They believe that the fall of Ukraine’s GDP in 2020 could reach 4.2%, and inflation to accelerate to 7% vs 4.1% (calculated from December to December of the previous year) in 2019.

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