Ramadan “quarantined”: near the Kaaba in Mecca is almost empty (video)

Pandemic coronavirus changed the priorities of Muslims

Muslim world marks the Holy month of Ramadan. But after the first week of Ramadan, the most sacred place of Islam the Kaaba in the courtyard of Masjid al-Haram is almost empty. Only a few people walking around the Kaaba in the center of the Grand mosque of Mecca on the first day of Ramadan, coronavirus as the crisis has forced the Saudi authorities to impose unprecedented restrictions on some of the holiest places of Islam. And in the days that followed, the number of faithful pilgrims is not greatly increased.

During Ramadan, Muslims usually break the fast with family and friends and spend the evening prayers known as Tarawih at large gatherings in mosques. But the pandemic has changed the priorities of large meetings for prayer and public iptarov, or meals, is not observed.

Video: Reuters/ Nulty Aiden, Kristian Brunse

In rare cases in the history of Islam, with 1,400 years, the Grand mosque of Mecca and the Prophet’s mosque in Medina the two most Holy places of religion were closed to the public during Ramadan.

Mosque in Makkah these days usually are filled with believers. But today, the pilgrimage to the Kaaba was allowed only to the clergy during the live broadcast on television. Well, security staff and cleaners to clean up the mess.

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However, as of may 4, in 132 districts of Iran for visits again will be open mosque. On Sunday, may 3, during the meeting of the government crisis headquarters for the fight against the coronavirus, said President Hassan Rouhani.

During his speech, Rouhani said that maintaining social distance is more important than collective prayer, and added that the easing of restrictions should occur with observance of security measures. According to the President of Iran, Islam teaches that taking care of their own security is mandatory, while praying in the mosques, he only recommends.

Recall that, according to the world research organizations, today in Iran, about 100 thousand infected with a coronavirus infection. More than six thousand people were killed.