Where to get a grant in Finland will give money to startups in the Czech Republic for the best design

Beginning of the new year brought a whole list of different activities, useful both for career and for personal development: grant programs, internships, contests, free online literature about business and promoting yourself. They are held in different parts of the world, but thanks to the Internet is available to every Ukrainian, as a rule, you just apply online. An overview of the most interesting and relevant this winter made for “Today,” Mikhail Pozdnyakov, business coach and HR expert.


Until 28 February to accept applications for participation in the international startup competition, Global Startup Challenge. Online competition available for virtually all professions — you just have to apply with the description of solvable using ideas problems. The authors of the best projects will be invited to the festival Ship, which will be held next summer in Finland, and to participate in the Pitch competition Captain competition.

The trip (airfare, accommodation, registration fee) will be paid for the three finalists. Promise prizes and joining the start-up community Nordic start-up community. The business model will take into consideration, if the author is over 18, and the startup is not more than 3 years. Applications must be made on the organizer’s website www.shipfestival.org.


The British company Royal Caribbean UK & Ireland intends to hire a photographer for a summer internship-2017. The Intern will go on a three-week voyage from June to July and visit new York, the Caribbean, Asia and the Mediterranean region (the company has 25 ships plying in 250 destinations around the world). During the trip you will need to do to upload photos and videos to Instagram (the emphasis is on the features and comfort of each vessel). For the work of the photographer is entitled to grant of 3000£ and expenses, as well as free access to all services of ships: restaurants, pools, water slides, fitness center, etc.

To qualify for participation, applicants 21 years or older with great skills in the social networks should just post in Instagram photos and short videos of their travels with the hashtag @RoyalCaribbeanUK and #ExtraordinaryExplorer. Details — on the website of the company www.royalcaribbean.co.uk.


Until February 13 there is still time to apply for participation in the international competition of the Best designers in Design. It needs to be not older than 30 years and to submit your design in one of the categories: product design, design in industry, design in the field of fashion design in communications (works, presented no earlier than January 1, 2015). On April 28 in zlín (Czech Republic) will determine the winners. They would get the awards: Grand prize of €4,000 and the opportunity to learn in a design company, the prize for 1st place is €1000 and the opportunity to learn in a design company, 2nd place — €300, 3rd place — €200. You can complete a questionnaire on zlindesignweek.com.


Twice a year the European court held internships for undergraduates and graduates (in the Department of research and documentation, management of relations, Directorate General of translation, the Secretariat of the General court). To get into a limited number of paid interns have to be at least a bachelor’s degree in political or legal Sciences, to be able to read French and send the application form along with CV and copy of diploma by regular mail to the Luxembourg (address and other details — on the website curia.europa.eu).

Duration of programs — up to 5 months and if training is held at the Department of translation, it takes 10-12 weeks and arranged for young translators who possess relevant at the time of filing the application in foreign languages. To come to winter training, which will be held October 1—February 28, the documents must be sent before April 30. The next set is on a summer internship, scheduled for March 1—July 31, 2018, will be announced until the summer, and the documents you will need to submit until September 30.


Internet-draft Smartreading (www.smartreading.ru) again treats readers free access to the summary (summaries, extracts the most useful information from useful business books). At the moment the library contains 247 books-summary (one year ago there were about 180) and gives all registrants the opportunity to read 6 of them.


Usually programs of international volunteering you need to pay intermediaries. But there is a free way to negotiate assistance directly with those who need it, for example, using the group’s Worldwide Volunteering on the website budget travelers www.couchsurfing.com. So, right now the volunteers are waiting for hoteliers on the island of Koh Mak in Thailand. The hotel of 15 rooms with restaurant cannot cope with the influx of visitors in the hot season (lasts until April) and invited to work as a waiter or a janitor. Three meals a day and clean area for sleeping will provide.

There’s a good chance to live in India in Goa: organic farm near Hampi invites Amateur gardeners. The owner of the farm provides free accommodation, teaching farming business and sightseeing in Hampi (a village located amidst the ruins of Vijayanagar, the capital of the ancient Empire) on the weekends. On 4 hectares of cultivated figs, mango, papaya, sugar cane and corn — can help the owner or lease the land for a nominal fee (about $100 per month) and take care of yourself in the atmosphere of the Indian heartland.

Horse ranch near Mendoza (Argentina) requires staff: a young couple is riding tourists on horses, need help care for the animals. Offer accommodation on the ranch and full Board, the opportunity to learn the science of horses and livestock. Take for a period of 2 weeks.