Demand Protest: we create motion

Acting at the level of local initiative organizations and human rights groups, we create concepts and ideas and putting the audience at your request. When your strategy requires a paid protest, we organize it and implement.

Unattainable accuracy

We are strategists, mobilizing Millennials around the world with the help of selected audience and the desired “message” (understood by the masses of the ideological promises — approx. ed.). Our top priority is absolute discretion, and our field staff to create compelling scenes that turn into building blocks of mass movements. When you need visibility of the perturbation, we can provide it at scale, while keeping your reputation intact.


We are engaged in the development, recruitment, management, and execution in accordance with your main goals. Our trained employees can lead a whole crowd or just to guide events in a favorable direction.


We have proven knowledge and experience in the formation of ideas in politics, business and health.


Our staff can support and guide the work of existing organizations, giving you important information about their members and their actions in the future.


Our strategists can teach your organization how to prepare effective demonstrations and to simulate situations that will achieve your goals.

A full range of services

We can have peace of mind knowing that every detail of your campaign is in the hands of experts.


Our top priority is that you are with us nobody associated. Our field staff know only us and we strictly adhere to strict rules of secrecy.

Deliberate actions

We require our operatives to concrete actions on the ground and provide them with personal support. We create scenes that change public opinion and views without any ambiguity.


We take all precautions, keep confidential data about our customers and only hire the best of the best. We can guarantee that all actions seem genuine as the media and public observers.

History partners

We provide radical results. 93% of partners have with us additional campaigns.

“As a result of the first two campaigns we saw a huge change. It was fantastic to observe how the operations staff are doing everything possible and impossible, sometimes to the detriment of ourselves, to convey our ideas to the public”.

Chairman of the campaign (name withheld), the presidential campaign of 2016

“Not only were we able to resist the beautiful, but false notions of the generation of the 2000s; we were able to make significant changes to their presentation and create a powerful new story”.

Executive Director (name withheld), a nonprofit health organization

“Young Americans lacked the enthusiasm for our goals… We managed to formulate such a strategy and to prepare a protest campaign that quickly ignited a burning feeling and prompted them to action.”

Chairman (name withheld), the management of the Fund

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Let’s write the future together.

In the 2017 edition of the Washington Post wrote about the site Demand Protest as phishing web site (approx. edition).