The benefits and harm of raisins for the body

Raisins are high calorie dried grapes. This dried fruit distributed in many countries and therefore used in almost every world cuisine.

About the useful properties of raisins writes the with reference to

Raisins good for the brain

That is the Central nervous system is a main consumer of “raisin” carbohydrates, easily penetrates through the blood-brain barrier. Raisins promotes the speed of reaction and thinking. Because of this property it is often recommended to students in preparation for exams.

Benefits of raisins: calcium-magnesium patches

Inosite (circle polyhydric alcohols) found in raisins in large quantity and deliver the energy in the mitochondrial “thermal power station” in the place where it is especially needed in the here and now. For example, in men with erectile dysfunction inosite raisins straight in the cavernous body, providing a sustained effect.


Negative aspects – is a bone in the raisins. If they are not carefully chew, or grind with a blender or mixer, then they can get into the vermiform Appendix of the cecum, causing its inflammation (appendicitis).

Bones can damage teeth enamel. The fine particles of raisins, lingering in the mouth (interdental spaces and gingival pockets), you can become a good breeding ground for bacteria, which damage the mucous membrane of the internal organs. Such injuries lead to inflammation and the development of gastritis, ulcers and other diseases.

That’s why after eating the raisins should be thoroughly brush your teeth using special threads or toothpicks.

Other features application of dried grapes

The undoubted benefits of raisins when toxicosis of pregnancy, when a woman cannot eat due to uncontrollable vomiting. Having high calorie, the raisins will not allow to deprive of energy and building material growing in the womb the fetus. A lactating breast milk woman raisins will help to raise immunologically healthy child.

There is evidence that the use of raisins is spread on the skin. For example, eczema the active ingredients of raisins reduce vulnerability and irritability of the skin.