The spring is compressed until it stops, experts have told, what will happen to the exchange rate until may 11

Immediately after the removal of quarantine restrictions, the dollar will rise in price

Experts predict another week of exchange rate stability. Some significant changes are possible only after a partial cancellation of the quarantine, which the government intends to begin may 11.

Member of the Economic discussion club Oleg Pendzin waits for no rate changes for the coming week.

“Low business activity related to buying and selling currency on the interbank market will persist, and this means that the cash market rate changes practically is not expected, analyzes Oleg Pendzin. – Therefore, the rate of cash sales will remain in the range of 27-27,5”.

But the President of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko did not rule out that dollars maybe even cheaper in the sale, reaching to an average of 27.10 of the hryvnia. If this spread continues, it is to hand it will be no more than 26,85.

Head of Department of Analytics GK Forex club Andrey Shevchishin says another week of the current stable situation will continue.

“I don’t see any factors for that the following week there were major changes – I am sure Shevchishin. – The market is now stopped pending the lifting of the quarantine. Not even to say that “the spring is compressed, and immediately after the lifting of the quarantine, the dollar will go up dramatically. But devaluation expectations intensify, they will appear when they lift the quarantine.”

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