“The partner must match with for you 15”: interview with French actor Vincent Cassel


“The partner must match with for you 15”: interview with French actor Vincent Cassel

Vincent Cassel gave an exclusive interview to “Today”

Vladimir Grisyuk

6 Feb, 11:58

Vincent Cassel Photo: Région Ile-de-France

On 6 February, the Ukrainian rolling out a French movie “Special” with Vincent Cassel in the title role. The film is based on real events and tells about two men who started an organization to help people with disabilities and all who are in trouble. The basis for the story was the friendship of Eric Toledano with Stephane Benhamou (in the film he is played by Vincent Cassel), the founder of the Association Le Silence des Justes working with children and adolescents with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD). World premiere of the film Directors Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakash took place on 72-the m the Cannes film festival.

On the day of the Ukrainian premiere of the film Vincent Cassel gave an exclusive interview to “Today”, which revealed interesting details about the filming of the picture.

What a fundamental question put before the audience the film “Special”?

Is it possible to think not as all? In modern society, anyone who has something to offer, does not think like everyone else. Stefan Benamu (in “Special” – Bruno, a character from Kassel – Ed.) mobilizing all their forces to find a solution to the long outdated system. It ignores certain laws that are trying to infect your passion lawmakers who can do something to resolve the situation. This film is about devotional service and about the people who are not indifferent to the fate of the other.

The movie “Special” reveals the history of people with disabilities Photo: Région Ile-de-France

Tell us about the first meeting with Eric Toledano and Olivier nakache (Director of the film “Special”).

Suggesting me to do this film, they just explained how it is important for them. The guys wanted to shoot this picture, but didn’t feel ready. Remember, at the time of our first meeting Toledano and Nakache’s still a line not written. I only asked for one thing – not to give me to read 12 thousand drafts of the script.

You wanted to work with them?

Yes. I was very curious, and I know how they work. Guys believe in your script, but always continue to look for something new. For me, most importantly, as filmmakers look for the actor. Toledano and Nakache taught me something I never knew existed. What has not been able “to bring to the surface.”

Kassel in the film reincarnated as Stephen Benamu Photo: Région Ile-de-France

Remember your first visit to the Association des Justes Silence?

Was a little stunned and very surprised when I noticed that I was crying. Asked myself: “How am I going to work with these children and young people with these adults?”, “How can I disconnect from at times very severe cases of autism?”. Watching Stefan and other employees, I realized that they have completely dedicated themselves to improving the lives of their “residents”. By the way, people with ASD (autism spectrum disorder – Ed.) suffer from inability to communicate, but if they stimulate, it is really to enrich their sensory experience.

How to overcome the fears you mentioned?

I had to look them in the face. To spend some time alone with them. First, I stopped being such a crybaby. I kept telling myself over and over again that you should not be afraid to enter the line of fire and get a couple of slaps.

What do you think about the prototype of your character, Stefan?

I talked to him privately several times. I watched his facial expressions and gestures, how he holds, what constitutes as a person. This may seem strange, but I often see characters that play in the light texture. Stephen’s manner to present themselves about a lot of things said to me. He came to the set only twice – and him forcibly had to be dragged there. After all, his job is much more important.

Vincent Cassel during filming Photo: Région Ile-de-France

What he has borrowed?

His goatee, anxiety, opinion – they are less likely to look people in the eye, so as not to embarrass them. I started with man’s loneliness, compensating the absence of his wife and children that gives all his love to people with ASD with whom they work. But we’ve added a character and Stefan is not peculiar features. For example, in the movie he used a Dating website.

Dating your character often leads to comic scenes

I always tried to make something comical in the darkest of his roles – from the film “Hate” to “Irreversible”. Here I play a man who is so absorbed in work that I sometimes feared becoming the least interesting character in the film. Fortunately, on these visits he continually misses the mark. A couple can be, but only if both want. I respect the Dating sites, but falling in love is not always easy. Partner must match with for you 15. But to hope for is the number of matches, you have to truly believe in God.

Bruno paints a portrait of a whole generation of people involved in this work

They found meaning in their lives. Eric and Olivier are not just expose the problems of poor neighborhoods – they talk about the company of superheroes dealing with the case, which is three-quarters of us not capable.

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